Start making your own? Save money but keep eating lots of lovely pizza?

Just listening to a mum on the phone to school saying she forgot it was muffty day and could her son borrow some clothes from lost property. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE LESS EMBARRASSING

Today I’ve learnt that I cycled past a Haribo factory shop yesterday and didn’t realise. Going home today so I will probably never visit. Pretty distraught tbh.

No money wasted on cheese and bread is absurd.

- Marilyn Monroe

  • Ho Chi Minh

Bullet point wanker!

good suggestion, but I only really eat pizza when I can’t be bothered to even switch the oven on.

Leaving for the airport in and hour and a half to go to Cardiff - almost exactly ten years since I first ever went there for uni :green_heart:

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When’s the DiSmeat?

Just realised it’s over 10 years since I finished uni, shiiiiit.

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Strangely - if I’m driving into work, I find getting out of bed before 6am MUCH easier than if I’m getting the train. No idea why that is…

Tonight at Jeffrey Lewis I’d imagine

@Unlucky ikr

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Say hi to Dr (Prof?) Badmington for me!

Genuinely meeting him for a pint at some point

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Well jel

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Will report back on his hair/outfit

Sleeping in the office has been officially banned since some guy fell asleep in the toilet behind the door and they couldn’t get it open and everyone panicked thinking he was dead or something.


Is Blanck Mass supporting?

A dull day at a course in Maidenhead again. Shit day.

If it’s not got the volume and height of a Mr Whippy ice cream then it’s all over.

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