What’s happening?

Morning pnix. On the road since 5, driven from the South Coast to the Midlands for a conference. Yay.

Alright niki. Phoned in :face_vomiting: gonna spend the day in :bed: really sick of :coffin: all the time.

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good morning

Out of bed seems cold, in bed is not.

Ruddy bloody uncomfortable journey into das Buro this morning, shooting pains in my ankle. Suprised how relatively fresh I otherwise feel considering I was up at 0530 and was still awake at 0042 this morning.

We have a pointless desk move happening this week - this place is ridiculous for them. It makes finding people you need to speak to rather difficult, especially when you’re encouraged to speak to folk face 2 face instead of by email.

Need to get a vacancy in our team advertised ASABP. Need to get a report out that should have been out on Friday. Need to write a paper on something technical. Need to explain some benefits.

2pm finish for the school pick up.

Just realised that I haven’t actually eaten since lunchtime yesterday, although I did have Guinness (x3) last night at football.

Goodness gracious me, it was cold and VERY wet and after commentating to absolutely no-one during the first half, suddenly I was able to regale a dozen others with tales of Hendon’s gritty 2-1 victory after the break. I do remember embodying the very best of Mark Lawrenson when Harrow made a substitution and brought on Kyle Seeks.

“What exactly is Kyle seeking?” I asked rhetorically as he trotted onto the pitch to take up his berth on the left flank. “A goal, I expect” I answered equally rhetorically, which considering Harrow were behind at the time was both true and (not very) humourous.

In other words, nothing of interest.


Haven’t had bran flakes in years

I’m enjoying the paper napkin japes, a very civilised breakfast.

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Get out of my brain!

it was probably reading the constipation thread yesterday

Why are all the bran flakes bunched up on the left? Very disconverting.

my table is on a massive slope

Anyone else still waking up an hour early?

Get well soon @Jeremys_Iron

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Surely this would effect the milk more though?


Right I’m off to work, see y’all in 45 minutes :ok_hand:



Me! Sick of it, never had this problem with clock changes before so this is a whole new experience of unpleasantness.

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Nothing ok major today. Some Xmas lines launching and offers changing. Just want to be in bed tbh.

Oh god the weather is so cold and crisp - I’m so sorely tempted to go out climbing at lunch. Both our UK team are out today, so there’s no reason not to just work this evening instead…

Do it

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