I hadn’t realised @plasticniki was a pleb again.


Can we have one of those American style police tributes for Nikki, with bagpipes and marching etc? Then we’ll go to her favourite Irish bar and drink whisky.


It does feel like a nice bit of relief tbh :smiley:

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Can we all wear bike helmets along with those Mickey Mouse gloves they wear?


Yep. Theo’ll do an empassioned speech about how she was the best damn cop his department has seen in decades, and Ccb will get too drunk at the bar later on over losing his chief and we’ll have to restrain him and take him home.

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Morning all. I got into a minor argument with a member of station staff this morning. (He’s chronically unhelpful and just stands around all day on his phone or chatting to others; I needed assistance a few months ago when I’d broken my wrist and he ignored me til I called over). The argument was triggered because he let me through the barriers and I didn’t say thank you, so he called “no problem” sarcastically at me.

During the argument I made the mistake of saying something like “standing around saying fuck all” and he practically chased me up the platform and threatened that if I ever used that language again I’d not be travelling.

Anyway I had a chance to go back and talk to him (as my train wasn’t leaving just yet)- I apologised for swearing and explained why I’d not said thank you. But he was still really chippy and kind of aggressive towards me.

Anyway I feel a bit stupid for (a) losing my cool a bit and (b) not having complained about him formally. Hate arguments.


Someone in this office has a really irritating and distinct chronic cough that is so quiet it’s really noticeable, she coughs about every 5 minutes and my blood pressure rises a couple of points every time. I really feel like buying her some strepsils and passive aggressively positioning them on her desk when she’s not there.

Morning, sorry I’m late!

Windows 98 is based on Theo.


Was five minutes late in because I stopped in to chat to my friend Helen in this lovely deli. (That is not my friend Helen in the picture.

The rest of the walk was really nice, crisp and cold. Listened to GY!BE and had a bit of a think. Going to call the doctor about my medical later and then the tax office. Got a voicemail this morning and I normally don’t check those but I’ll check this one.


Morning all. they have moved to all-Lync based telephony this morning, and instead of replacing it with phones they’ve fucking gave us wired one-ear headsets. Three things wrong with this

  • one the wired headset causes my hearing aid to whine
  • two the “phone” won’t ring unless your computer is switched on and you’re not locked out so that means most of the time it’ll be un ringable
  • three the old phone numbers can’t be replaced in the system as yet, so no one can call anyone.

I’ve forwarded all calls to my work mobile and sacked the headset off.

We have a sonnys (and Vito) deli near us

Watched The Killing of a Sacred Deer last night, quite enjoyed it, the TV was not impressed.

free costa coffee again today on that Three offers app guys

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I love bran flakes but can’t eat them for this reason. They give me the shits almost instantly.


nice one xylo

sorry about your ear

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Bad news for me: Office reshuffle means the number of people on our floor has gone from about 20 to 40/50 maybe?
Good news for DiS: More material

Someone said to me this morning "I like it because it means more people to talk to and different characters!"
I said “just more people to annoy me tho innit”