Morning all. What’s everyone up to today?

I’m at a really interesting conference/workshop today but have to stand next to our exhibit from 10am-6pm so probably won’t get to see anything. Hoping someone brings me food.

Got up early to admire the view from my hotel.


:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: want to be back in bed so bad


I had a burrito for lunch.

Wet, cold and on a course.

Last time there were profiteroles. Better be again.

BIG match later I suppose

Alright, eric

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Also, this hotel is absolutely massive. Look at the state of this corridor.

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You should get a little trike and ride around on it.


Well as he’s left us for a while, what can we do? :crying_cat_face:

Ive got wet thighs

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morning, I got up super early for no reason, genuinely think it’s cuz I had some tirimasu before i went to sleep

Got in before 9, counting that as something… bought some boring but expensive work shoes.

Did loads of work yesterday so not really got much to do. Waiting for an email.

Might be able to sought out a little work jaunt to Leeds or Liverpool in May hopefully. Need to speak to my manager.

Got up at 5:45 for a pre-work climb. Nice to catch up with folks I used to climb with regularly when I was in London. Probs gonna need a lot of coffee as a result…


Miserable drive to work, and my cold which has been lingering is getting worse not better.

Got plans to stay in and make music later rather than go to the pub quiz.

I am a prophet.

The World Championships of some of my penoid stuff starts today. As people are allowed to watch Wimbledon and the Olympics at their desks, surely I’ll be fine to watch grown men playing with tiny plastic spaceships, right?


Morning all. Had to run home and shave my head this morning as my clippers ran out of battery while at the TV’s house last night. Was tempted to come into work and say it’s a new style of haircut but the TV was laughing at me too much.

Got in and sorted out the financial mess I was left with yesterday evening. What a fucking relief. Just have to get through the day and then it’s the football with the lads tonight. Oi! Oi! Oi! (Watching the game with the least rowdy lads ever.)



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Had strawberry cheescake before I went to bed and I was wired this morning. Sugar overload.

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Bf woke me up at 4:30am cause he was leaving for Lisbon for a work thing but I couldn’t get back to sleep after.

I’m a woman on the edge today cause the person who constantly sniffs up snot and is now wiping snot on their hand instead of a tissue or blowing it is extremely loud today and making me feel very sick and I just can’t take it. I’ll be having my headphones on ALL DAY. Any new podcast recommendations pls?!

There is a new person in my office two days a week and she has a ‘lifelong condition’ which means she needs to contiually clear her throat all morning. You wouldn’t cope.