Morning everyone.

Had my Wednesday bacon and beans in the canteen. As lovely as ever.

Have to actually properly work today as my boss has chosen to sit next to me today.

Last full-ish day in the office until Tuesday. Half day tomorrow, then four and a half day weekend. But, I leave at 2 today (was in at 7, though).

Little of import to do, so I’m just going to peer accusingly at one of my screens and tut a lot.

See I could understand that and I’d sympathize but this person is just lazy and grim. BLOW. YOUR. NOSE. STOP. WIPING. SNOT. ON. YOUR. HAND. NEAR. ME. Also it’s very unhygienic???


Very tempted to have this now.


By the way, mate. Asked the HFC club shop about Hendon shirts with the Fender sponsor, alas, nothing doing. However, I have a feeling I know where I can lay my hands on one for you if you can bear with me a bit.

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Was meant to be dropping R off with his dad in eight minutes. I haven’t heard from him though, so that won’t be happening. Can’t stand that he is always moaning that he doesn’t get enough time with R, but then he pulls this kind of shit on a semi-regular basis and no-shows or cancels on no notice.

Morning all.

There’s a massive fuck off Stollen cake in the works kitchen. No idea where it came from or why it’s made an appearance in May but it’s going down an absolute treat with my coffee.

Y’know, I think everything is going to be ok.

Hope everyone is well.


Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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One of my guys has just been in shopping after leaving work ill yesterday and before ringing in to tell me she wouldn’t be in today. What a wonderful conversation that was.


This continues to sound immensely frustrating and unfair on you :frowning:


Should probably report it to the police then


actually winced


Fucking bad innit. That’s them unpaid for today


I had tirimasu last night and also woke up really early.

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Ooof. You’ll be lucky to get away with a yellow for that.

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I didn’t get to bed until 1am last night as water started dripping through the ceiling from the bathroom. Initially started taking the floor up as we had a problem a few months back with a cracked drainage pipe under the sink, which was replaced and I assumed it was that.

But then realised its the feed to the cold tap, which ive now isolated.

Should I fix it myself or get the plumber back who fitted it in January?

Working 9 till 9 today. Great.

And R. Sorry to hear, @anon89873996

Dead bunged up today and have to go to loads of seminars, definitely going to be falling asleep. Whatev :tipping_hand_woman:


So you’re saying leave him some antibac, some tissues and some deodorant?

Got ya

This is a fascinating development. I’m really bad at getting up in the mornings I’m fully up for adding a tirimasu nightcap into my routine.

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