Morning all!

It’s AQOS deadline day!
I think it’s @rich-t’s birthday!
I’m waiting for a plumber!
I need to buy nappies!
I need to sort out car insurance!
I’m making fishcakes!

What’s happening with your life?

It is my bday. Thanks Keith

Unfortunately gonna be spending a lot of it in bed ill. Still, get to see the mental stage in the TdF today.


Will the security forces be using rubber bullets today to ensure the surviving riders are definitely hard as nails?

Good looking fridge :+1:


Morning Keith!

It is indeed AQOS deadline day!
Happy birthday Rich!
I’m going to Decathlon!
Watching Oceans 8 at the cinema!
Maybe Yo Sushi afterwards!
Then watching England in the hockey World Cup! (on tv)


Happy birthday @rich-t hope you feel better soon.

It’s too hot to be at work, but I’m taking Friday off so today is my Thursday!

The man who sits near me is hocking up a lot today.

I picked up my 49p coffee and a granola thing from Pret i’ve been enjoying. Like a mango smoothie but with granola on.

What’s the first thing you put in it?

Happy Birthday @rich-t !

I was delayed for work this morning because someone at home demanded that I read Green Eggs & Ham for them this morning. Thankfully the roads were nice and clear because the schools have broken up.

Off to go and see some Sarah Records bands in town tonight, which should either make me feel old or feel twenty years younger.


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alright guys?

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what u gonna buy

Yeah although my hand slipped when pouring a G&T last night and now I have the hangover. Y’alright?

woah, G&T? you must have a very sophisticated palate.

Yeah I’m not too bad thanks just praying that it doesn’t get any hotter today.

Got too much to do at work - just in a phase of perma-dread right now about it. Team is all overworked and we’re not able to hire. Bleurgh.

Water bottle
Walking/hiking shoes
Travel towel
Hiking clothes

Love decathlon


lovely. i went to the “upgraded” surrey quays store the other day and it’s turned from being pretty good to absolutely incredible :heart:

hey gang

WFH today - well dozey after bike ride and pints last night

hoping to pop into town for coffee beans and maybeee a new tent for the weekend. Then have the tour on while I work this afternoon. This stage should be a goodun

going for a drink with water bottle girl this evening

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fridge owner
fridge OWNER


Arbitrary deadlines?