Hiya. I’m going into work early to accrue some TOIL. Can’t be arsed though mates.

Definitely going to bail on a pal this evening because of the aforementioned can’t be arsed, but also because I have too much to do :pensive::confused:

I’m tired. How bounce u huns?

Off down to Coventry today :metal:

What’s in Cov?

Someone’s doing construction work with pneumatic drills and circular saws within earshot of my house after 11 pmm???!?! Tired.

Nothing to report, other than exchanging contracts on a house today.


Nice. Got a move date yet?

Not officially but we’re proposing a week today. Won’t do the full move then though.

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You hiring a van?

Fuck that, we’re going full lazy and getting a removals company to do the lot.

If we can’t get one booked, we’ll do men with ven.


Also tired. Shouldn’t be larking about on here, should be drying my hair and sorting that fringe.

Football later I think.

Found an amazing site where all the skirts and dresses have pockets!! @meowington @Witches @anon75298087 @plasticniki and everyone else


Great decision.

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I feel like this might be something that’s not allowed normally?

Never been to an easy hotel?



Have a mild hangover after my date last night which was fine but I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again.

I’ve fucked up today in that I need to be at home cos I’ve got a big sainos delivery coming at lunchtime, but then I need to go into the office for my flu jab towards the end of the day, which also clashes with a team meeting conference call I’m supposed to be running.

Nice! I’m obsessed with at the moment.

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morning. woke up a bit early for some reason.

quite hungry.

my phone keyboard has decided to go MASSIVE for some reason


is that Dvorak?

That’s good then. Total darkness is pretty good when trying to slumber too!

Is this the ‘repaired’ phone?