Oh Theo


yeah, they gave me a brand new one. it all works fine but now the keyboard is taking up more than half the screen. wasn’t doing that until i updated the software



just give in and get an iPhone

I’m going to Corby! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Puked my guts up last night, and then again this morning.

:frowning: GWSS

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what the fuck HOW IS EVERYTHING FIVE POUNDS?!?!!??!?!

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Shop clearances innit

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Working from home this morning, going to Birmingham this afternoon.

There’s a screening of Climax at some amazing looking cinema at 6 that I might try and go to, providing work stuff finishes by then. Otherwise I’ll probably just expense a massive pizza, and then go to Tilt and drink and play pinball. Or just buy takeaway beers and go watch The Leftovers in my hotel room :hugs:

:wink: have a nice day stickboy!

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penoid games with friends mostly I think.

Plus going to the massive Tesco


I’ve ordered from there three times now and it’s pretty good. Some of the stuff is obviously from those cheap clothes shops you see on the high street, but other stuff is Dorothy Perkins, New Look etc.

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you reckon it’s something you’ve eaten?

Woke up at 5:15 this morning feeling lousy. Looks like I’ve got a head cold now to go with the chesty cold I had a fortnight ago.

Listening to I Partridge audiobook and totally avoiding any kind of work.

Hump Day!
I am WFH and feeling rotten. Found out on Saturday that I have Lyme disease after being feasted upon by ticks while abroad last month. I’m very lucky in that I developed the ‘bullseye’ rash on Friday night and knew that something wasn’t right (I actually thought it was cellulitis) and got emergency medical help first thing Sat morning. It’s very treatable if caught within a few weeks of infection, so I’m not sad about it or anything. So I’m on a mega dose of antibiotics and it is making me feel somewhat rubbish. Feeling somewhat cheered however by an excellent machine cappuccino from Morrisons café (I LOVE MORRISONS CAFE) and I’m about to take some super drugs (obtained from a chemist, not a Bad Man) that I brought back rom abroad too which will give me the buzz I need to get me through the day.

London trip tomorrow, which I am looking forward to!

gws up

lyme disease is scary, man. glad you caught it early


I think the scary element is from people who develop serious and un-explained symptoms and don’t realise that they were bitten by a tick a year ago. By which point sadly it is too late for them.
I’ve always cursed the fact that I swell up like a balloon at the tiniest midge bite, but in this case my sensitive wee body has possibly saved my life.

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