Hi, it is Wednesday. How are we all doing?

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Hi FL! Long day ahead but on leave Thurs and Fri so yay me! How are you?

Ah, long weekend sounds good :slight_smile:

I am tired, but today is hopefully my day off so I might just sleep half the day. Should probably try do something useful instead though.

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I woke up so early cause princess was ripping up a tissue by my bedside.

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Going to Birmingham

Sounds horrible outside tho

You know how when you were a kid and you’d be absolutely desperate for Christmas to come and you’d just want to go to sleep until it arrived well I feel like that right now about going home. Will muster up some enthusiasm for going to the circus tonight.



Sounds about right.

Morning FL and the other early risers. First day back at work today, but it’s started well with a pre-dawn swim and the discovery I can get to the pool well before the City bros get there to pound out their lengths of front crawl. Also, the sandwich place opposite the gym does brown bloomer toast, which is a fitting reward, I think.

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Overslept again didn’t I zzzzzzz. Huge launch day for Xmas lines today. Massively cba

Any good party food this year?

Cheese and bacon rosti stacks



Just realised I don’t have coffee for this morning. Multiply the cba.


Mrs W went out to buy coffee the other day. I’ve never felt such overwhelming disappointment as when, on Monday morning, I realised that she’d accidentally got decaf.

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Cats R weird


Morning all. I had a very vivid dream about what to do with the leftovers from last night’s dinner. Might do it at lunchtime to see if dreamed up lunches are any good.

Looks awful outside. Just awful.

Cba. Just gonna sit and do fuck all at work I reckon.

I love it when dreams are ridiculously detailed like this

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Hi @anon89873996 :wave:

Funeral today. Worried an untracked parcel is going to arrive when everyone is back at the house.

Have been thinking of you and yours as well, hope you are all doing as best you can.


Yes, I cannot CBA today. Hello everyone.

I’ve got to edit three videos, build a sports competition online, and create graphics for all the fixtures up to New Year. Doesn’t seem like I’ll have time for all that, so I’ll probably just procrastinate here.