Bit late, isn’t it?

How late is the latest you’ve been?
When were you last late?

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just a sec

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I don’t really like being late so I tend to be early


I’m not a fan of lateness. I was late for the pub last week because I was doing Jimbo’s bedtime and he’d had an afternoon nap.

Is this the Wednesday thread? Should I be having a moan because I was promised nice weather and it’s overcast out?

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I’m barely ever late for anything. Late in having my cup of tea this morning though.

Late for work basically every day. I’m technically supposed to be here at 8.45 but let the slip to 9, and now I don’t even make that.

I don’t take a full hour for lunch or usually leave early on Friday and am more often than not here after my 5.15 clocking off time, but… still.

First day off and I’ve been awake since half five having on/off dreams about work. Thanks so brain. Need to go finish my expenses and some other stuff before I can relax.

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generally i get to places early, unless there are transport issues preventing this from happening. or, in the case of getting to work on time recently, i cba to leave on time so get to work late.

worked from home yesterday, got in today to find that someone has a) adjusted my seat so it was really high and the back doesn’t go back, and b) adjusted loads of settings on my monitor. guessing someone sat here yesterday, but given half the office is always empty, why?

That kept happening to me last year which was seriously annoying considering occupational health had specifically set up my chair to sort out my posture. Ended up sticking lots of notes saying ‘laelfys chair - do not adjust’. Didn’t make any difference.

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while normally a sign that says “do not adjust” will make me want to adjust it just because i’m an idiot, don’t think i’d do it to a chair.

moved a pedestal that said “do not move” the other day though, was just sat in a meeting room for no obvious reason so rotated it a bit just because.

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I was late on Monday by an hour cause I don’t usually work Monday but I said I’d work Monday and then I forgot haha.

Maybe about 3 hours late is the latest when my phones not worked.

I’m usually about three minutes late for everything because I always think I have more time than I do.

I was 9 minutes late to my sister-in-law’s birthday meal last night because the guy who came to measure up our bathroom was 45 minutes late, which meant I had to postpone my run until after he left, which meant I had 20 minutes to shower and get ready before we had to head out to the restaurant. Then I was 8 minutes late meeting my friends for Interpol afterwards as I had to leg it to the O2 Academy from the other side of town.


Would rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late, don’t like lateness. You know these people that are like “oh that’s me I’m always late lol” IF YOU KNOW THEN LEAVE EARLIER OR SOMETHING YOU FOOL!

Anyway, hi everyone, it’s my day off and I’m poorly and very grouchy, how are you?

I worked from home on Monday because I had a nine o’clock call and I was honest with myself that realistically I wasn’t going to be in time for it.



My sleep patterns are even more fucked up than normal atm, I was awake for like 3 or 4 hours very early this morning. But it’s practically my summer holiday so I mught just go back to sleep for a while??? Going riding later and once again attempting the first swim of the year.

All the trains were delayed or cancelled. Just dumped half a pint of water over my keyboard. Good day so far.

You had the multicoloured keyboard cover on to protect it though, right? Right??

It’s no-


Morning. I was a whole day late to my honeymoon if that counts. Workwise I think the latest I’ve been is about 11.15am (when I usually arrive at 8.20ish), and that was due to a suspected wartime bomb next to the train tracks. These days I’ll just sack it off and WFH if there’s the slightest hint of train trouble in the morning.


I am djing tonight but none of my pals can make it so am a bit :grimacing: about it. Hopefully it’ll be a laugh. Then going straight to the caravan with the folks and dog to get some beach time in decent weather conditions, which doesn’t often happen!

Also: well hungry