🐫 Wednesday 🐫

Morning all. How are you? How is your day looking? Greetings from Hoogy HQ?

Quick poll: During lockdown,

  • Time feels like it’s passing more quickly
  • Time feels like it’s passing more slowly
  • There’s no noticeable difference

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Oh @tilty

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:sob: Wahhhh

I’ve only beaten people to the morning thread about three times and I feel like it’s been you every time!

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You can have it. I’ll jsut remeber this for a long time. I’d have got in first too only it said title already used. Bastard. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Good hello.

:coffee: :bowl_with_spoon:
:desktop_computer: :books:
:bike: :bike:
:video_camera: :iphone:
:sleeping: :bed:

Hoping to find some wild garlic on my bike ride later :crossed_fingers:

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If it’s any consolation, I feel like our avatars complement each other (bold colour with a face in the middle)

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Christ I’ve woken up well tired today. Kiddo was up a couple of times in the night which is annoying. Working the late today :persevere:

Dog walk
Cosmic yoga
Homeschooling (during which it will become apparent, yet again, that my 8 year old is better at maths than me).
Desperately trying to squeeze in some work along the way.

As someone said before, days are going slow but the weeks are going fast

Also it always seems to be about 4pm whenever I check a clock


We had this homework (for my 11 year old) which was something like:

:red_square: :red_square: :yellow_circle: = 108
:red_square: :yellow_circle: :yellow_circle: = 102
:red_square: :yellow_circle: :large_blue_diamond: =95

So I was sat there working out
therefore b = (102-a)/2
therefore 2a+ 51 - 0.5a = 108 etc etc

Getting towards a full page of workings out.

Anyway, turns out that they were expecting the children to work it out through trial and error :upside_down_face:


sounds like someone really smart said that

Don’t find many of them round these parts

Morning ccb, assorted others

Quite knackered as R was up a big chunk of the night. Usual unrelenting sadness prevails.

See above mood. Also R is going to be quite tired and quickly reach a point of unmanageable grumpiness quite quickly so not much point trying to plan everything.

Um… not quite the same from FLHQ


Same here :hugs:


Oh hang on. I was getting my kids mixed up :grimacing:

It’s the 12 year old that is better at maths. I can just about keep up with the 8 year old.

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What is the probability of getting your children the wrong way round? Show your working out.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Morning all.

Hit a key point of our house move last night, finally collecting the last of the stuff from he old flat. This means that nothing else will be coming in for the foreseeable and getting in the way.

Whilst time seems to be going a bit quicker I am thinking that’s mainly been down to the stress of moving in the current situation.

Mighty fine



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