Tiredness a good 8/10 this morning. Got tonnes on at work today so obviously will probably spend it on here.

How are you?


also tired. I’m up early airporting to texas. already tired and I’m not on the first plane yet. going to be a shit day.


9/10 tiredness, feel a bit sick actually and had a weird dream about having really papery palms and when I got up I thought “I’d better make a doctor’s appointment” then remembered I’ve got normal palms


I’m scoring 8 on the sexyflanders tiredness index.

Nothing out of the ordinary happening in my day - I finish at 230 but won’t be tired by then.


About a 7 on the tiredness but havent actually got up yet. Need coffee.


Only a 6 on the TST (Tiredness Scale Test). WFH today which helps.


_ something patronising about not understanding the meaning of tired before you have children_

6 hours sleep for me most night. Result. 6/10 tiredness.

Going to a boring and irrelevant conference today and not best pressed about it.


Not that tired. WFH then seeing Honeyblood tonight. Might go for a run at some point


##Morning all.

I just yawned, it wasn’t all thay satisfactory. I’m still in bed, scratching myself through the sheets and am WFH today. Tiredness rating 6 including mild streaming from the eyes.


8/10 tired. Uni all day which consists of lectures and meetings from 9am until 8pm. Plus 3 hour round journey to get in and back home haha

Had a coffee but the woman put too much sugar in so now my mouth feels like carpet. :koala:


4/10 now, was about 9/10 an hour ago. A shower and a couple of coffees has seen to the 9.

Pay day - woohoo!


Tiredness is about 5/10 so far

Pulled another cracked contact lens from my eye this morning about 10 mins after putting it in. Got to wear my glasses to work and no one has seen me in my glasses before. I am prepared for piss taking but will not be amused. Also my glasses are baby pink.


Where you going japes?


Solid 7/10 tiredness. My eyes are playing up and it’s pretty uncomfortable.

Absolutely nothing of any interest to report.


how’s it all going fapps? we start placement next week woohoo!


fort worth. (total shit hole)


Thinking of booking annual leave to watch the Netrunner World Championship stream at home in my pants.

Might actually be a new low, but I’m sorely tempted all the same.


There is no shame in booking a day off to sit in your pants.


godspeed japes :heart:


checks watch