Morning all!

I was awake before 5am but managed to talk The Child into letting me sleep for another 45m.

It is cold enough to have had the heating on.

I’m on strike again but I’m waiting in for a boiler service and someone to come and look at my roof.

I might have beans on toast for breakfast.

Thoughts and prayers to all of you.

I’ve got a new telly coming today and I’m mostly excited by the fact that I’ve got a low effort joke to make that involves photoshopping my pal’s face onto the box, because they’re the patent twat dealing with the patent application for it in Europe.


Day off today, nothing productive really needs doing. Might venture to the independent cinema later, or failing that just watch loads of snooker.

Sniffles through the roof, and base to the bed is fucked so keep waking up with a stiff back.


Off on a course.

Quite excited to get home at a reasonable time later and make a lasagne.

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Morning. Off today as working a night shift later. Got the baby who is a handful atm. Mountain of washing up to do. Shopping needs doing but it’s all so very tight cash wise.

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Just waiting for the cat to come home from his little holiday, he’s going to be so angry with me for leaving him for so long.

In the office today, giving blood at lunch so super excited about fainting and or throwing up, then sneaking out again to have a coffee with my former office ally who left a few months ago.

Loads of coal tits in the garden this morning :blush:

Happy Koningsdag!


Abolish the monarchy!


Morning! Kiddo was asleep by 6.30 last night which was great but that meant he woke up at 5am. A bit of a rough morning but back at work with coffee so there we go.

Not much on the agenda today. Going to therapy, too much work to do, standard.

You rocking something orange?



Hmm bit hungover hmmm

Just gonna try to vibe through to pub quiz this evening

A coffee a croissant and a bourbon cookie has put me in A better mood though


happy king’s day to @aboynamedgoo, the king of all our hearts :crown:


Have had a complete post-festival collapse and am currebtly completely useless as a human being. Feels pretty good to be able to do nothing though tbh.

It just snowed a little bit :upside_down_face:


oh I see that’s already been covered

Hey @The_Respected_User i cant find the sneaky things thread and I need to update you on something.

Spoilered for sneakiness.

Where i work i have a pass that’s only for the main office I’m meant to work from but to spice up my days i have a little mission to get access to all our other offices across the country added to it. Pretty sure i could just ask and it be done by HR automatically but i want to do it in a sneaky way like I’m duping The Man and being my best mole self so i go to each office and come up with a ruse as to why i need access. I’m only up to 4 offices, got a new one last night, but I’m getting there. Plus it opens up a world of 24 hour toilet/drinks machine/bag storage access to me that makes me feel powerful, secretly.



In the office for the first time in three weeks, so it’s probably the first time I’ve driven my car in three weeks too. The bluebells are out around the office, so that’s nice. If I’d have known I’d have brought my camera (note to self - you’ve got a film to use up in one of your cameras, so pop up to Stanmer woods and take some bluebell photos there)


You are a true master of espionage. Your commitment to sneakery is unrivalled on this community in my opinion.

Semi-related side thing, I was at an event yesterday where Chelsea Women’s manager (the incredible) Emma Hayes was doing a Q&A thing and when getting the boring “what would you be doing if you weren’t a football manager” question she really earnestly responded about wanting to be a spy and then confirmed she was being completely serious when the audience chuckled. She fucking rules.


Thank you for such high praise.

She sounds like my kinda gal :male_detective:‍:female_sign:


Morning :airplane: at the airport as heading to London/Brighton for a long weekend of pre-baby hangouts. Planning some daytime cinema, nice wanders and lazy lunches. Just having a cherry pastry to kick things off :star_struck: