Just had a cheese and cucumber sandwich on the freshest bread - pugliese sourdough still warm from the deli bakery.
How am I supposed to not eat the whole loaf now? I mean it’s ridiculous

Also went to the library and picked up Harrow the Ninth :skull: :heart_eyes: :skull:

Excellent and successful morning only marred by the constant drilling and hammering from my block of flats. Should have stayed out longer really

Rats maybe?

Lewdle :eggplant::sweat_drops: 99 2/6

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The clue is in the username …

Wor Lass painted over a load of tiles in our bathroom which was a cheap short term replacement for getting them replaced because they were ugly.

That’s what I was contemplating. Just a bit worried that I’ll make them look worse as they’re not that bad. Can you show me how they look close up if you can be arsed? Has the paint chipped off at all?

Mine are mosaic tiles in the bathroom window, they’re kind of fine but I’m just not a fan of the colour so not that big a deal.

The rumours are true, I’m in the Vietnamese again. A tenner for a drink, summer rolls and a pork baguette. In mah belleh.


Lewdle :eggplant::sweat_drops: 99 4/6

I had a hard time thinking of sex words

also there are ghosts in mine because I started off like Wordle

which one?

I went to a nice one in Northenden a couple of years ago.

didn’t plan to be in Northenden, but I was, and it turned out I could get a nice Vietnamese meal

I normally go there, aye. Think it’s probably the best I’ve been to. Went to the one in Chorlton today. Think the people who own the two shops are cousins.

Definitely the most aromatic food, imho. Right up my street.

Just been to falafel guys for a chicken, halloumi and chickpea wrap.
Was phenomenal


Is that the Vocation spot? I had a chicken Shish from there. That lads doing the lords work.

It’s the salt place at granary wharf

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Mi & Pho, that’s the one

I got a tofu coconut sizzler and some summer rolls, plus some delicious roast coconut drink in a can (Focu?)

the summer rolls are so good, aren’t they. lovely freshness with that peanut sauce? oooft.

Why are there no trains between Manchester and London on May 22nd and why is there no information to tell me why except saying sold out which I KNOW ISN’T TRUE. They’ve lied to me like this before when they’ve had engineering works or something. Just tell me pls train people, don’t make me check on this every day for a month.

What a mysterious, expensive, confusing, awful train system we have in this country.

Is that a weekend? For some reason Avanti don’t seem to have their new timetable confirmed/available to book for weekends yet

Well that’s what they say BUT I looked at later dates and they’re on there.

Also I do the cheap route with Transport for Wales and West Midlands via Crewe and it’s not showing for them either. This shows up on the transport for wales planned works thing but have no idea if this effects the overall route, do all trains go through crewe?!

TfW might not run if Shrewsbury to Crewe is shut but it wouldn’t affect Avanti.

Northern are running Manchester to Crewe and West Mids are running Crewe to Euston fine that day, so no idea why Avanti are still unconfirmed.

Made some flapjacks with (of course) crunchy Biscoff spread in the mix. Absolutely banging.

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Does anyone have any strong feelings against this idea?