Good morning :fallen_leaf:

What are you having for lunch today? Missed breakfast and I’m so hungry rn


Today is my Friday :tada:
Seeing my grandparents tomorrow then off for a long weekend in a cottage in Wales with the in-laws.
Dunno what’s for lunch yet sorry.


word. playing some tennis later. not really feeling it, to be totally honest



Today is my Thursday.

Traffic into London this week has been horrendous. I assume because Tower Bridge is shut so everyone’s going over London Bridge. Making my cycle in very very slow.

Dunno what’s for lunch. Something from the cafe here.


Foot huts like mad from walking lots on the weekend. Bloody mare.

Packed lunch for lunch, just like every other day.


morning all,
must say i’m enjoying my early starts and actually having time to sit and eat breakfast, pleasant way to start a day.
nice day up here again, might slip away early and play some golf, might not though, but i might, dunno.


I woke up full of beans and now i’m shattered. What a letdown.


lunch - some fucking amazing mushroom soup i made last night.


Really need to get back into making my own lunches again. Not sure what’s happened tbh.

What’s in your packed lunch, roasty?


lunch - unknown


I’m tired. Might go for a run after work. Really need to find a new place to live.


WFH. client calls me bang on 9am every morning to check i’m working (i’m watching frasier)




Alright, balonz’s colleague


scrambled egg all over my face. what is a boy to do?


Some good #bants to be had there. I’d pull up the theme tune on YouTube in preparation for their call and play it really loudly when you answer. ‘Yeah I’m (HEY BABY I HEAR THE BLUES A-CALLIN’) swamped here pal (TOSSED SALADS AND SCRAMBLED EGGS)’.


fucking love frasier


Glad you asked, Niki.

Chicken noddle soup with bread, banana, Tayto crisps and orange juice. Delighted tbh


seeing wire play at my local venue


There’s a guy on the train who is the spitting image of Andrew WK. He’s frantically hammering out a rhythm with his fingers. Not sure about it tbh.

Lunch will be the same as usual.