Today is my Friday today cause i’m off to the US tomorrow for 17 days! EEK.So fucking excited I could explode.

I am working from home and I have no food in so will have to go out to get bits for lunch. I don’t know what to get or make.




get a life, mate


My cat was wandering around yelling this morning and I said ‘Alright meowy meowington’





Tired. Trying to figure out if I’ve got time to go to this fancy schmoozing thing tomorrow. It’s not looking good, tbh.

Only lactose free option on the canteen menu today is the meatballs that made me ill the other week, so it might be a proper misery lunch today. Fingers crossed for a tuna-based jacket potato option.


what a right meowy meowington

also i’ve seen this loads on instagram


Lovely. Did you make the soup yourself?

What flavour Taytos?


Yes! I’ve seen it too! I meant to post it in the disers as brands thread actually


what a day. I’ve been saving every washing liquid (for wm) bottle for the last six months. today I managed to get two full washes out of the dregs at the bottom.

this day has been a long time in coming. feel like the boss of the world. the washing world


i’m having a humous and tomato toastie and a cup of tea for breakfast. was gonna have super health food fruit and oats etc but this is so tasty


fucking amazing, hope you have an amazing time meow :slight_smile:


please take this information to the ‘what have you eaten today’ thread


the usual


Chill day at work although new website nearly done so slightly nervous about testing before launch.

Then a charity gala tonight of course.


There’s chicken, but I really don’t feel like anything. Have dragged myself into work, people are saying I still look ill.



flying to Berlin today innit


fao @elthamsmateowen i’ve just set some stuff rendering for half an hour or so, so i’m going to take a shower


New kittens are mint. Really playful then when they’re done playing they jump onto someones knee and fall asleep.


want to go for a drink?