Morning everyone.

Was sleeping in the kids room on a mattress due to anxieties from the kids over being sick again, and was without my phone. Panic woke at 4am thinking I was hearing the bin lorry outside and had forgot the bin and ran down stairs and threw open the door to find a very confused skip delivery driver looking for an address that wasn’t on our street.

How are we all today?


Morning :wave:

I’m good thanks. After four consecutive working days of visits, I’ve got four consecutive working days of WFH. Going to go out after the school run and pick up some outdoor Christmas lights and a tree.


  • Has gone quicker than expected
  • Has gone about as quickly as expected
  • Has gone slower than expected
  • Has dragged horrendously

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Mega sleepy. Off today. No plans. Lovely

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Every fucking Wednesday, when they come to collect the bins from the flats round the corner.

Good. Having a cuddle with the dog on the sofa while my porridge cooks.

Going to make the most of the calm, cold weather and go for a bike ride over to Sutton Park this morning.

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The Child wet the bed around 3.30 so I was awake helping to deal with that and didn’t really get back to sleep.

I don’t think there’s enough coffee in the world to keep me going today.


Baby was chatting happily but noisily at 5am so that was me up for the day. It’s my last full day of work so I need to try and finish 3 projects or else I’ll have to miss a friends Christmas-ish lunch tomorrow.

Then have to do some packing as we’re off on holiday end of the week!


At the airport catching a flight back home. Been in the UK too long, had enough.

Broke my sobriety - 77 days booze free - and I fucked it with a 7am pint at stansted airport Wetherspoons. Good fucking grief.


Nah, small hiccup but no big deal.

I reckon a 7am of Carling would be enough to chase me back onto the wagon without much bother.


Literally everyone at stansted airport is an eastenders cockney stereotype.

Kiddo woke up at 11pm and stayed awake until 6am. Today is fucked.

Morning all,

Sat at my desk with my first cup of tea of the day. Been working on the same project for weeks now and my brain is very scrambled. However, think I’m going to the cinema later on to see some cannibals fall in love :heart: so that will be a nice break :blush:

  • I’ve had to put my heating on
  • I haven’t yet

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Why is bed so comfy in the morning? :relieved:


Chilly today innit

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Up early because I’m in the office today. On office days I set an alarm to get me up, then try and tiptoe in the dark past Jimbo’s room so I can go through my ablutions in peace. So of course this morning as I was passing he shouts out “I’m awake daddy”. Which means that as well as doing everything I need to do, I also have to make his breakfast and dance to whatever whims he has.

ANYWAY, at least it was an easy drive to work.

Off to see TVAM at Green Door Store tonight with @grievoustim


Probably won’t need to all year and electric radiators are shit

Could be worse. Could be storage heaters

barely slept, heading to office, got to actually do something that means engaging with people ugh

cinema and a beer later at least, might have an afternoon snooze to get my energy levels up

Today or in general?

Woke up early so decided to have an office day. Showered, ate, packed bag, sorted lunch then… sat down and couldn’t be arsed and am still at home.

My intentions were there.