I’m completely new to the band and really enjoying this album. Definitely getting Big Thief vibes from it. In fact it sounds just like the direction I was hoping Big Thief would take after UFOF and Two Hands

Aye, had the same thought myself. I think it has quite a bit in common with Capacity, which seemed to have a darker edge to it than the Big Thief records that have followed it. Could imagine Shark Smile fitting on this record quite well.

Really, really enjoying this album. Definitely reminds me of Big Thief. It also reminded me of MJ Lenderman and then I only realised that MJ Lenderman is the guitar player thanks to this thread. So I guess my ears were absolutely right?

But it’s exactly the balance of beauty and loudness and country twang that I want (or that i have chosen to deserve?)


And also annoyed that I was too slow to pick up on this and the Manchester gig is already sold out. Although maybe if we’re lucky it’ll get moved to somewhere a bit bigger than the absolutely tiny YES basement?!

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Little surprising it hasn’t been moved as there’s nothing listed elsewhere in the same venue that evening:

I find the bookings funny sometimes. Like Blondshell and Wednesday are in the basement, but stuff I’ve never heard of will be on in the Pink Room. I dunno!

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Quarry sounds like Waterloo Sunset.


Came in here to say this.

Really enjoying this album but there is a lot of moments where I’m like ‘oh that wee bit of guitar sounds very familiar’, perfectly normal, there’s a smattering of magpie moments throughout, but the Waterloo sunset bit is the most jarring one.

Can’t seem to get songkick to let me track them.

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Hopefully Ray Davies doesn’t do a Don Henley on them.

Chosen to Deserve is quite #Ryan Adams is a prick

Ghost of a Dog is a great track. Didn’t realise it’s a cover.

Thank you both - it had been bugging me and the other day I was walking down the street listening and my brain just started shouting “WATERLOO SUNSET” at me. Glad to see I’m not the only one who hears it!

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Used to love his stuff but without wanting to get into the whole separating art from the artist thingy, when the stuff came out about him i just immediately had no desire to ever listen to him again. Just a complete full stop.

Anyway, back to this album. First album for a wee while to really immediately get its claws in from first song till the last.

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Can’t help but feel it could do with some boings. Something to consider for the next album maybe.


Another Manchester date in November

And Brudenell


Glasgow and Birmingham dates listed on seetickets as well. Presumably a few more to come given the schedule.

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There’s a Dublin date too on the 9th Nov.

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Interestingly the London date on the 11th Nov has been redacted. I can make out “Festival” but that’s about it.