I’m just off to the Manspreading World Championships 2023

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I stayed up working until 4am to learn a new tour for today for my office job as a favour.

Of course the tour has been cancelled :unamused: No reason, just removed from my calendar.


No sleep, maximum grump

just about to schlep into kensington to conduct another seven-hour cycle of the daily grind.

BUT today is my thursday so

Day 2, of new bathroom attempt 2.

The new builder (the one who did the kitchen 5 years ago and is great), turned up at 7:45. Sat in his van until 8, and knocked on the door dead on 8.

Great start so far.

I started work at 8 today too, might as well get on with it as I was up and ready, WIll knock off early later.


Which is the real daily thread?

Off to see Dry Cleaning tonight, which is the highlight of my week, so I listened to the latest album and the new EP which came out today on bandcamp on the drive in. That Charlotte Adigery remix is dead good.


Morning all :wave:

Just sat in my hotel room waiting for my life to arrive. Bit gloomy here but I have been promised oatcakes later :yum:

Anyway, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 06:45 17:36 10:50:33 +4:05
Brighton 06:45 17:41 10:55:28 +3:49
Glasgow 07:09 17:50 10:41:38 +4:36
Manchester 06:57 17:46 10:48:36 +4:12
The Beer Factory, Devon 06:59 17:56 10:56:48 +3:44
Newcastle 06:57 17:41 10:44:17 +4:27
Cardiff 06:58 17:52 10:53:54 +3:54
Belfast 07:16 17:57 10:41:04 +4:23

Great news for :wales: CARDIFF :wales: (on St. David’s Day, no less) and :beers: :factory: THE BEER FACTORY :beers: :factory: for smashing the 7am mark!


3 big glasses of champagne, 4 beers a f a largish whisky has rendered me headachy this morning. Dickhead.

Today’s agenda: accept job offer and finalise that, hand notice in, hope an audit doesn’t happen today, daydream about new job, make a slow cooker sweet potato and lentil curry tonight for the weekend


Ooooh, snap

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I wish we could all join you to witness this part :slight_smile:


Ah balls, realised my boss isn’t in today after I posted that

I also, with my sensible head on yesterday, had a chat about it with him. Partly to give him the heads up, and partly as I’d probably class him as a friend really and needed to chat it through with someone who wasn’t my wife. He was made up and said “you’d be a mug not to take it”. So unfortunately, he already knows.


find the next most senior person who happens to be a dickhead, and rub it in their faces


Yeah, blast the fuck out of that exit questionnaire :blush: so pleased for you still, @rich-t

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Just made eye contact with a white deer(!!!) who was sitting in the forest chilling, watching my train go by. I feel like princess fucking mononoke!


no work, so maybe bake that stout cake today for a thing to do

always get weirdly productive on insomnia days, good to have a thing to do that isn’t just sitting staring at a screen (for fun or for work)



Sunny outside, as long as I stay inside with the heating on I can pretend that spring has fully arrived with March :cherry_blossom:

Work today but nothing too stressful, gonna listen to lots of records and go for a walk at lunch.

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Nice to know who people prefer. @moderators can you chuck my other thread in with this one please.


Sorry this was the only one that showed up for me :frowning:

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I wasn’t being serious

Guys, funkhouser’s thread smells, pass it on