She’s off today too :joy:

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Awake all night - finally managed to nod off around 6 just to have a ‘you need to get up for a wee’ dream. Actually had something I was supposed to be in the office for today so I’ve had mega anx about calling in sick but no way am I dragging myself in.

Feel like utter :poop::cry:

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Back “at work”.

No work to do.


Should get up and have some breakfast cos I’ve had hunger pangs joining in with everything else to stop me from sleeping since about 2am

It’s the compulsion to finish on a whisky isn’t it. We even know exactly what effect it will have. And yet.


Hugs man x x

  • Have a coffee, put pj’s on and sit on the sofa
  • No coffee just breakfast then get back in bed and keep trying to :sleeping:

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Thanks pal :heart:

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That Wagner’s Ring for you.


London: the sun has risen


Handshake Hello GIF by Laurène Boglio

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Now they’ve told me it’s not cancelled.


This would be a suitable reply to them


Diolch yn fawr

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Terrible start. should have got to stay in bed as its strike day but my friend was screwed so i said i’d take her kids in. That involves a 2yr old being given to childminder in the playground also, but she wasn’t there. She left early. Lots of farce later we have a big argument and she calls me a nasty man because i said it was her fault - she left early. Anyway, confrontation is something i will run away from given any opportunity so it was very uncomfortable and it’s set my day off awfully. People suck.

Got an orthotics appointment later which makes me think about things i don’t want to.

Can’t even curl up and cry as i have my kids to look after.

I hope your days are better. x

You too x x


Puffy eyes and tired from being a bit upset last night. But it’s ok, I will get a coffee and power through.

I also want a crosstown Guinness and Bailey’s doughnut but I want to take it home for the evening but tonight I have bootcamp so it won’t be worth it but it will be stale by tomorrow evening. AH.

Working (from home), but seems like there’s hardly any work that needs doing, so probably coffee time soon. Work is always too busy or too quiet eh? Oh well, shouldn’t complain. Might get the guitar out and noodle around for a bit.

Gonna cycle into town for a falafel at lunch. Bit cold innit?

i’ve burnt my HCBs :frowning: