Start talking to each other!

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@moderators please could you zap / merge one of these?


Rough night. Tired. O started off really bright but has descended back to gloom. Still, she ate something for the first time since last Sunday.


Alright? Finished most of my work to-do list for the day already so I guess I’ll just dick about on here till hometime, sorry.

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I have removals and a grocery delivery scheduled for the same time window this afternoon. Which will arrive first?

  • AnyVan
  • ASDA

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Morning all!

I’m glad I got to be the real thread starter - I was starting to worry everyone had me on mute after my ignored daily thread the other day.

All of my students turned up in the right place for the exam this morning. I don’t think we’ve had tears yet but I wouldn’t write it off completely.


Finishing my jar of instant coffee so i can use the empty container for overnight oat. Maybe they’ll taste a bit like coffee

  • Great idea
  • Don’t be so disgusting

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a guy i know once used a coffee cup to scoop up some of bernard manning’s ashes (to make a mural out of them), then his cleaner made him a coffee in that same cup without rinsing it out. I hope your porridge isn’t bernard manning flavoured.


The weather’s nice here this morning. I went for a walk to get a bit of early sunshine and a coffee. Love living in the city centre :sparkling_heart:

Hello all :wave:

Just made myself a coffee. Working away. Got really bad PMT tho. Gah.

Worked pretty late last night so going to finish early this evening and do nice things, make a proper dinner and source a new microwave. Debated whether I need a microwave then immediately realised everything I wanted to make last night required in some way a microwave :laughing:

So boring is my chat that I’ve got distracted three times in writing this so much so that my coffee is now half drunk and cold. Haha.

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This one (the third one as the quote didn’t work!) would make a great 90s emo album cover :smiley:


I feel mega rough :frowning: can’t really afford to take a sick day though :frowning: gah

Made it home just before the rain.
Dog walk will have to wait though.

kin ell, Archive Utility - gerra fookin move on, am I riiiiiight

my boss is taking about how he wants to do some playful, comedic content and saying he doesn’t have the comedic chops to perform it himself.

Ole Manches here, taking his headphones off and clearing his throat loudly

It’s my friday! It’s sunny! I’m in the office :-1:

Anyway, here’s today’s daily thread

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Have you heard that it’s wednesday


It’s actually my Friday too, although I’m not exactly looking forward to the weekend, ha.

Have been on poo duty this morning, including the foxes’ which is wonderful. I’m scared to go into our conservatory because last night the most massive spider I’ve seen in years decided to come out and say hi. :tired_face:


Makes an early start so much easier when it’s getting light before 5am.

At work. Hopefully get home and get the dog walked before the rain rolls in.

How do people not get absolutely radicalised by the joy of two bank holiday weekends in a row followed by UGH a fucking piss baby two day weekend for wankers