Got Bernard Manning and Bernard Mathews muddled up and was going to reply with “bootiful” which really cracked me up until I realised it wasn’t the turkey guy :smiley:


National 5 English was pretty accessible and the poem I’ve been telling them would be in the exam for five months was in the exam.

I’m not over confident but nobody cried and that is genuinely a mark of success with this class.


Just did a 5k run at the gym. Now I’m a bit worried that since I haven’t run that far in a while my legs are going to be be shot before I’ve even started for the Great Escape

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Christ alive working nights is absolutely messing me up.
Finished them on Friday and am still wiped out.
Thought I was back to normal but got three hours sleep last night, 23:30 - 02:30. What the hell?
Starting work at 07:30 tomorrow so that will be fucking grand. Dammit! :face_holding_back_tears:

Saw this poster and it’s done me for some reason

Loads of Dutch people getting really excited cos Simon Schama’s coming to town :smile:

Should i go see him?

Really pleased that I heard back from a local homeless charity about joining up as a volunteer. Excitedly told my parents whose response was DON’T TELL THEM WHERE WE LIVE! DON’T GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER! DON’T TELL THEM ANYTHING! THEY’LL TRY TO GET YOUR ADDRESS OUT OF YOU ANY WAY THEY CAN!

If anyone was wondering how much trust my parents have in me.

what’s their reasoning for not telling them where you live?

They mean the people who are homeless. Because they think I’ll blab so they can come burgle the house.

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Incredibly disturbing, incredibly hilarious and one of my all time favourite DiS posts


:frowning: that’s an awful way to think xx

Got on an earlier train home and it’s dead, that’s good.

Spent loads on doughnuts for my fam

So fucking bored

Not sure what their logic is there. There are houses everywhere. What would be the advantage in burgling your house specifically? Surely it’s better to burgle the house of someone who hasn’t just told you their address? :woman_shrugging:

Work done for the day. Now bike.


Back in this godfrosaken country smh

The perfect time to start planning the next escape.

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Walked out into torrential downpour, as if I’d never been away


Popped to Bundobust

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The answer was AnyVan, ahead by 75 minutes. Thanks for playing.