Get chattering!

I’m currently in Newbury. Was supposed to see a play last night and stay over, but the play was cancelled due to illness. So instead we just went to the pub and cinema which we could have done anywhere.

Just had a hotel breakfast, and about to head to Winchester for the day.

Looks nice out today! Listening to Dolly Parton and drinking coffee, had a good sleep, feels alright.

Gotta take kiddo for jabs today and take my laptop out for various calls I expect I’ll need to have while I’m out. Sadly resigning myself to the fact I won’t be able to go for some drinks for my birthday tomorrow because no one’s paid me for weeks.

I’ve got my graphic design class today.

They’re starting to produce some work and I’m being forced, through contractual obligation, to offer feedback on it.

At no point has anyone in my department asked whether I know anything about graphic design. The answer is nothing.


Last day of sick leave today. Need to finish the (bloody boring) book I’m reading, watch the last 2 episodes of The Good Fight and then an ATD coming round later.

I’m tired. It’s very autumnal outside. I usually like that but it’s a bit annoying after the very decent recent weather. Keep thinking it’s Thursday.

Got an all day masterclass in dork stuff today.

Got my MA timetable through yesterday, and boy, can you tell a man scheduled it. It’s going to be hard to juggle :grimacing:

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Sore throat, tired, worked late last night to get some stuff out of the way. Hope I can finish on time today tho. But all in all, feeling good.

Got my new bed arriving on Friday, it’s an ottoman bed which I am v excited for. I’m hoping it’s like Mary poppins handbag. Setting myself up for disappointment from the start.

I know it’s only midweek but I am so excited for this weekend. No commitments whatsoever, got a lot to do but I can intersperse it with coffee shops and meandering AND HORROR FILMS. Aaaah.

Been tending to my ignored plants and my poor cactus plants are so odd looking. One of them looks more and more like a dick and balls :laughing:


Boss asked us to come into the office and didn’t show up himself

Now my plans for the day are just confused and out of whack

Ah well

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I love how all of my favourite "obscure "reference points are becoming popular

Really need the window cleaner to finish up so I can take a shit. I’m in trouble here.


Morning, quite nice out so started early so I can have a lunch walk. Having to chase Argos to find out where my order is, I need my new lamp so I can get back to reading before bed.


I’ve got a relatively manageable day today, after being run off my feet for the last few weeks. Hopefully it’ll allow me to get my head back above water rather than feeling like I’m drowning in everything.

It’s quite sunny out there - maybe I should go for a sea swim while I can since it looks like the weather is turning SHIT from sunday



Got to watch the sunrise this morning which is definitely a perk of the job

Bit chilly first thing but has warmed up nicely now the sun is properly up.

Might go and sit in a churchyard with a flat white for a bit.


Was imagining Gazza is still on that Scared of The Dark thing on CH4. No one’s told him it’s over and he’s still living in there in pitch black months later

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Weather for wearing a fleece.

I forgot this was in my LinkedIn drafts


This sounds like a Thursday appointment.