Alright? Off to work in a minute for more festive retail fun. Might have to stop at the chippy on the way home, it’s that kind of day already. What’s up?


Can’t be fucking arsed.


Got an exam class presentation this morning

and I’m living in a marshmallow world


The good: I’ve got a couple of days off work planned, so today’s my Friday.

The bad: Woke up too early with a rubbish headache.


Got an important meeting today :weary:
And an important meeting tomorrow :weary:
And then a day off on Friday :partying_face:

Looking forward to my favourite Wet Wet Wet song on Saturday


Morning all!

I’ve agreed to run an optional revision class this morning that I’m not expecting many students to attend. I have 7 dissertation projects to mark at some point.

It’s too cold for me to want to do anything and I should have just planned to stay in bed.

I can hear Dr Mrs Epimer scraping the ice off her car, while I’m lying here in bed, snug as a bug in a rug. Sorely, sorely tempted to use the video doorbell to shout “YOU MISSED A BIT” at her.


-3 feels like -6 here, yeah do I not like that

Morning -3 here apparently, time for a jumper.

Wife had throat of razors with megacough yday so I slept on couch. Back is in shreddddds.

Was going to say it was chilly out and post this, but @BodyInTheThames has rendered it somewhat redundant

Glad i’m wfh today.


Waking up is hard

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Woke up at some awful hour by weird noises in the flat. Got my burgular stick ready and went to investigate.

Firstly it was Fig pushing an empty hot dog tin around the kitchen as some tragic protest/reminder to me that he is no longer eating his cat food as he is too good for it. Secondly M decided 5am is morning and was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks in bed.

First day of slippy pavements :cold_face: Glad the mist is still hanging around, looks lush.


Ok Neil Sedaka


Just done drop off. Fucking hell it’s cold out

Really hard to move from the warmth of the duvet, if only there wasn’t a meeting at half 9.

Fucking freezing so the Serious Jumper is out


hate wednesdays, cos it’s nursery day and always a struggle to get her up and out before work. just about managed it. anyway. breathe. house is a state, so will be trying to tidy that up amongst work and a stretch class.

Cold too, 0c, feels like -4. Got a moderate snow warning and the roof opposite looks like this. Do not like.

Went to see Helen Bauer last night, who was absolutely fantastic, just a very funny and warm and engaging comedian.

Going to see Saltburn tonight and maybe get dinner at the Christmas market.


Hello, 523pm here in KL, my last day here, off to Bangkok in the morning. Am very tired and want to be at home. Don’t want to do the Teams calls back to the UK this evening, the last of which is due to finish at half midnight. Esp as i need to leave for the airport at 6am tomorrow. Am in a right old whingy mood.

In other news, lunch was this delicious banana leaf curry: