Cat did a massive shit on floor and I put my (bare) foot in it.

Beat that.


Bodily fluids chat.

OG Bairn spewed and liquid shat in every corner of the hotel room last night. And a bit in the corridor which i had to guard while the maid came and helped. Anyway some lassie maybe 15 or 16 came round the corner spotted it and looked at me and said “What the fuck is that?” Before i could even answer she burst into tears and ran off.

He reckons he feels alright now so i dunno whether to risk trying a normal day of kids club and swimming with him or not.


Morning all :wave:

Rodent chat:

Had to deal with a rat in the rabbits’ enclosure. We spotted it trying to climb up the side of the enclosure, and then it ran and hid inside their ‘bedroom’. It ended up brushing past my leg as it finally scampered out.

Feel like this is the least gross thing in the thread so far, though!

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I’m gonna say: probably not


Fucking belter.


Massive no to the swimming - dont want to spread that around (virally or…actually)


Trying to clear the house for surveyors coming whilst a babba cries and a toddler poos on the floor. Yo, it’s Wednesday.


No stories of bodily fluids or wild animals from me, and I’d like it to stay that way thank you very much.

I’m most relieved that my journey into work only took 50 minutes, unlike my journey home last night which took almost two and a half hours.

The OP said ‘beat that’ and oh boy you did



Off to work, very much cba with the chatting element of this. The tram is making some strange noises right where I’m stood - no one looks concerned so I’ll be 100% cool about my imminent death.

Morning! Finishing up a bit of work, finishing packing then off to Brazil for a month. Hasn’t quite sunk in that we’re away for a month yet.

‘Divorce wave’ really kicking in among friends now. Always wondered how real that was but holy crap.


There’s a definite domino effect there, in that once one couple splits it makes it a bit more acceptable for others.

I give it three years until you start going to people’s second weddings


Just got out the shower and logging into work wearing nary but my pants and a smile

Everyone in the office is staring


Historical day today, I’m getting my apparently now annual haircut

I mean as a guy who loves a wedding I’m okay with this


Already noticing this too. Call me a cynic but the date for years, buy a house, have a kid, realise you don’t like each other and split up circus seems like far far too much effort.

I’m being cruel there really, pressure of having a kid must be difficult, but the grinding monotony should’ve been accounted for - expected even imho.

Man, I’m in dire need of a haircut. BUT I’m also going on holiday in three weeks, so I might try and hold out for another week at least. And go to a barber, rather than having it done with the clippers at home.

I feel like second weddings have to be more low key. There’s the vegan hog roast, just buy me a pint. Thanks for coming I guess.


Really not feeling work and got a half day workshop ahead on taxonomies which has virtual breakout groups. Hopefully end up in a decent group.

Did wake up early enough to enjoy an episode of CSI featuring Pedro Pascal with breakfast.