Hello! Had a pretty relaxing day. Went post office and sent some things to some people :wink: then not done much since. Making some burgers and going to carry on rewatching Taskmaster I think. What’s going on?

Got a curry in the oven. Quite apprehensive. Because it’s in the oven (American recipe)

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Oh another PSA @profk @Bamnan etc. £5 for 2 pizzas and a Ben & Jerry’s is back.


Feel terrible. Want to go and sleep in a bin. Half way through a job application and I just want to throw the laptop out the window.


My day was shite, i’m scunnered and i’d very much like to go back to how things were in the olden days now (last week)

listening to some SFAs and that’s nice

might watch some more Skins tonight


Feel like I did some good work today for the first time in a couple of weeks.

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Got quite a bit of work to do, cba, really want to tidy the flat and clean instead as it’s a right mess and it’s making me anxious.

I came here to say something interesting but its eluding me.

Really fancy some ramen.


this weirdo was aimed at @anon19035908 btw, as he is a weirdo


Did not much today. Cleaned the bathroom, ran, played some overwatch and watched Dave (the show, not the channel).

The bairn fell asleep on the way back from his gran’s so I plopped him on the couch. He had a bit of meltdown when he woke up, i woke him up, but has now calmed down and is sitting slack jawed watching paw patrol.

Can you stop going on about everything please. Weird.


Had my first coffee in about a week too. But caught the edge of the V60 as I was putting the kettle down and spilt everywhere.

Slow down ffs, you’re making the rest of us look bad

I finished a Sisyphean, grindingly monotonous and somewhat pointless task (well, for now) at work which has been killing my motivation/morale for weeks. Turns out merging two Excel documents can make a huge difference to speed (although it wasn’t a straightforward merge and I had to be talked through the formulae). I can actually do my job for a few weeks now!!! But more importantly, if I pack my stuff quickly next week I have 3 days of annual leave that I can spend in the paddling pool in 31° heat while drinking and not worrying about the mountain of work to get back to!!!

Going to celebrate with wine and lamb meatballs with pasta and a butternut squash sauce (all pre made)


Oh my goodness. My skin is terrible at the moment, I smell pretty bad too. Just don’t feel glamorous at all ever anymore. Might have a lush bath bomb this evening if I can be fucked.

So bloody gaaah fed up but oh well, I very much enjoyed the door thread today. Might try and make my way through every bit of everyone’s home by the end of the year. @japes coat hooks tomorrow please!

Not sure what to have for dinner, we might have breakfast for dinner :woman_shrugging: or not, I will keep you posted. Yes, you.

@anon19035908 and your packages, what a bloody star.

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I’m just about to log off. Maybe I can find something to email my manager about so they know I have been truly grafting and definitely did not spend an hour watching cricket highlights

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These are non booze packages I’m afraid. Just a couple of freebies I had around the stockroom.

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Hello you beautiful man, you. How are you and that lovely tache doing?

Pfft, that’s still lovely though isn’t it?

Total STAR.


Had a good first day off work. Went for lunch, a solo walk along a river and a trip to the park with kiddo. Having Chinese stuff for tea.

Hope you’re doing ok Witches x

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