Alright? Had a long old day, now got spaghetti and meatballs for tea and some podcasts to listen to. That’s about it for me. You?!?


Mate did you see those mad hairstorms a little while ago? Heaviest I’ve seen in my life!

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  • I’m an August baby

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Is this a bald joke? Disgusting.


oh shit! Sorry, didn’t mean to bring my luscious locks into it.


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None here, it’s sunny now, but this morning when I drove to work it was raining sideways!

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Hiiiiiiii @Funkhouser @Bamnan @fappable and all other DiSers who post in the evening thread!

I’ve had a nice day, went for a long walk and am about to cook falafel for dinner. No real plans for this evening :woman_shrugging:

Oh, I’ve also been flat hunting online and am feeling v excited about moving to Brighton in September :smiley:


Just shared a pieminisiter pie with vegan cheesy mash and mushy peas. Had to compromise on the pie choice annoyingly (jackfruit ‘steak’ whereas I really fancied the spinach one, or my old fave, the saag paneer) but delicious all the same.

Had a spray tan done today, never had any beauty stuff done in my life apart from hair removal stuff, I felt like I was on some Essex based reality show. It looks nice so far, still time for it to go badly wrong though.

Watching Dangermouse and reading about my local hospital which got hit by lightning earlier and the roof caught fire, yikes!


Had a Jacky p for dinner. Was, you know, fine.

Now watching some Olympics and going to read my book until Sopranos time.

hope you feel better soon!


Also, can I just say, having jets of cool fake tan sprayed on my naked body on a hot day was absolutely fantastic and I’ll be going back just for that lovely little whoosh of cool air/liquid where the sun don’t shine.


File under too much information

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Evening all!

I’ve had a busy day involving posting my brother’s birthday presents, picking up The Child, dentists and slaying an old, old wyvern.

We had a lentil curry/ stew with basa for tea and it was excellent.

We found two players (actually four because two additional people dropped out) for football, so I’m going there in a bit.

Drinking some Gin, will put the kids to bed and then do some more work #cry

Out for ramen with ma pal and his girlfriend and their wee kid. My pal has quite an appetite and has ordered loads. :laughing::heart_eyes:


Fajitas for dinner. I bloody love fajitas.

And my other half is doing Jimbo’s bedtime, which means I’m at a bit of a loose end now. Maybe I’ll have a beer in the garden since the sun’s shining?


So why don’t you kill me


Away with the kids for a week. Having a lovely relaxing time and some half decent weather… here I am being a pillock on the beach.


Evening all,

We had two avocados that needed eating, so I’m making a veggie chilli, while that little cherry gnome makes salsas. Steve’s playing that there first The Strokes album on the the wireless. Not listened to it in a minute. Still very enjoyable.

Just spotted some duct tape on a chair.

Did a long poll, clicked out of it and it lost it. Fuck you! new polling interface.

Evening all. I have ordered a Dominos due to food shop not coming until tomorrow. I should be regretting this decision in the next 30 minutes.