As it’s an hour later here it starts at 10pm for me! I am currently watching Sunday’s episode! :laughing:

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I’ll join your campaign as I like to go to bed at 10pm but have been going to bed later after chatting LI/reading Twitter

(Thank you!!:two_hearts:)

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80s James Spader is a style icon, big fan. :heart_eyes:


@rob.orch and I are both in Elm Grove area, although I’m higher up the hill

Feel free to send links to places if you want any local feedback


A lot of the hills get cheaper the further up you go, although that rule doesn’t apply to Seven Dials or Fiveways. Avoid Lewes Road near Vogue Gyratory unless you love students.

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Ah cool. I saw a place in Hanover I quite liked.

Thank you :blush: I made a thread earlier so will post there Brighton DiSers

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had em on monday night, love em. :+1:

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Need to get up and on with stuff and yet…


I am not surprised at this :laughing: excellent taste as always lopes

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How is it only Thursday tomorrow, fuck.

It was lovely :blush: We saw a seal too! (Not pictured. And not Seal the singer)

Also it was nice to see @Funkhouser in residence at his beachside villa


That’s the one I just use for storage.

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Played football for the first time since pre-lockdown, didnt wear shins pads, got a bruiaed shin. And my new boots dont quite fit.

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few bits and bobs to sort out but gettin there…

Just came last in a pub quiz

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Worked out how to change my flag from a union jack to the red dragon on and now playing every match marked determination

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Evening all.:wave:

Been out with Mr s_w for Dim Sum & drinks to celebrate 9th wedding anniversary. Back home now drinking red wine and watching South Park cause why not!


which ep? (also happy anni!)

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Misread this

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S10 E7, Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce and thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :raised_hands:

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