wednesday's child is full of cba

Still in my pants, need to leave in 5 mins. Why did i get battered on a school night?


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Going to be so late that I’m not going to have a parking space, have to be in the office today, and have a bad stomach.

Not in the mood for any of this, if I’m honest.

Said I’d go out tonight and I reaaaaally cba but probably will anyway and just not enjoy myself

You did it in the name of metal and burritos and for that I salute you o7


Finishing off some paperwork, then I’m done we
Bloody boring night shift
Need sleep asap


I’m going to get going now

Any minute now


How was the :metal: chief?

Got the run of the curriculum team today so hoping it’ll be a quiet day.

A m9 of mine is having a baby in June and has asked me to make them a playlist for when she goes into labour. I’ve been asked to make playlists before but this feels a bit personal? Tempted to fill it with Billy Bragg and loads of union songs. Bit of D:Ream, you know.

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I can breathe out of my nose it’s a Wednesday miracle


People haven’t even realised yet that these ‘Photoshop fails’ by Kardashians etc are deliberate

When I was in labour my mate put Circle Of Life on in the car and couldn’t stop laughing and singing along. I was in too much pain to tell her to shut up. My suggestion is not Circle of Life.


:grinning: I appreciate the help bbz cos I haven’t got a clue where to start here. No Circle of Life, duly noted.

Going to get a haircut today and that’s about the extent of it.

Happy Springtime DiS :hatched_chick::tulip::seedling::mosquito:

Woke up at 06:30 to make coffee for GF. Feeling pretty sluggish now, like a slug.

Is this some kind of euphemism for crowning?!

Got to learn a script for tomorrow and only have tonight to start on it. Feel a bit sick at the thought of it.

Feeling shaky af, better not be getting ill yet again.

Solidarity man, can you taste anything?!

wedding anniversary today (9 years!)

got an alcohol assessment thing this afternoon, then going to hit the gym… then make a nice meal tonight to celebrate.

any ideas for an easy dessert?