wednesday's child is full of cba

Got to learn a script for tomorrow and only have tonight to start on it. Feel a bit sick at the thought of it.

Feeling shaky af, better not be getting ill yet again.

Solidarity man, can you taste anything?!

wedding anniversary today (9 years!)

got an alcohol assessment thing this afternoon, then going to hit the gym… then make a nice meal tonight to celebrate.

any ideas for an easy dessert?


Morning all.

Still a bit gouty but I’m wearing a bunch of new clothes (the first new work clothes I’ve bought in forever) and I listened a bunch of VFOS demos on the journey in which are starting to sound pretty good so I’m in an excellent mood. If my left foot wasn’t fucked I’d be positively strutting about the place. As it is it’s more an awkwardly-tentative-yet-strangely-confident shuffle.

Everyone seems to be getting ill on here. Stop being ill. That’s an order.

I hope you’re all well apart from that.


Morning ericV, all,

Merry Equinox! Hurrah for Spring!

Managed to get out of the house this morning and have spent the last 2 hours doing at least a semblance of the work I wanted to do. Just hoping the meeting this afternoon finishes on time, so I can leave when I want to.

Got a rehearsal this evening, which I’m suitably apathetic for, but I do get to try out my new Ebow and the most recent pedal i built which I’ve not used at volume yet, so that will be nice. I restrung my Jazzmaster last night, especially.

Have nice times.

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Suitably crushing. Paying for it today though, cant hear shit.

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How easy are we talking? My fairly easy but sort of impressive go to dessert is pear tarte tatin. Serve it with a bit of ice cream and it has a great balance of not doing too much work yet feeling like a proper chef.

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Get to do that swanky turn out thing too, like your thinking man.


Hi guys. Hoping your days pass without incident

I’m here until 3. Have a conference call in an hour and cba after that. Picking my daughter up from childminders and running to do some shopping after that. Off tomorrow and have a couple of wanker beers left in the fridge, so I’ll have those, because I can.

Exactly! And you can baste the pears in the buttery spicy mixture and think, "I am cheffing the shit out of these pears.

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This will ruin secret santa but there’s a chef hat coming your way if I pick you this year.


I’d bloody love a chef hat. I’m gonna have to wear a beard net when cooking sauces for sale so it’d be quite the look.

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throat feels dodge as fuck today :grimacing:

Taps sign


always imagined you cooking up hot sauce in a chef’s hat and something like this…


Went to the dis pub last night and accidentally drank many beers and decided it would be good to drink whisky when home too and oh god what have I done help

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Got an arsey email from a customer overnight. Just corrected him politely as he was wrong,with my middle finger extended as I clicked the send button. Made me feel better.


Got a call, then to need speak to 3 other humans about different things, that’s too many.