wednesday's child is full of cba

This post reminded my wife to remind me I need new work shirts.

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I was wondering this. I just vote GroenLinks each time and hope for the best.

Not allowed to vote in this regional election, as you have to be a Dutch resident to take part, but GL was my party of choice at the last general election.

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It was Ms Horse who pointed out I desperately needed to update my works wardrobe too. I’d have probably gone on being a shabby, shabby man for years otherwise.



And how. I just spilled about half of my coffee across my desk, and then when cleaning it up spilled some more. Great way to start the day.


and how!

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  • Cheese straw
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant
  • Both boi

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I had it on a burger last night (cut into two, A on one side, B on the other. I am still undecided as to which I prefer!) But both went very very well with burger btw.

Think i’ll do veggie kebabs later and try it on that.


My father in law is returning my motorhome today. Time to get planning some weekends away!

Other than that, I’m getting a little concerned that new work has dropped off a cliff in recent weeks. I completely understand why - who wants to invest money in new projects in the current political climate. Might need to find a new sideline though. Suggestions?

Double Pastry Breakfast (DPB) isn’t a thing for nothing.


you’re almost there

go ham and cheese quack sont

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:-1:t2: Bad nights sleep
:-1:t2: Earphones died
:-1:t2: Central line delayed
:-1:t2: Missed my change because I fell asleep
:-1:t2: Stuck at Notting Hill Gate because Circle line delays

:+1:t2: Meeting old colleagues for beers later


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Had a greggs Bacon and cheese turnover yesterday which was 10/10

I hope you all realise I only exercise, to sustain my deeply deeply extravagent eating habits

i can’t be thinking about baked goods right now

there’s far too long until lunchtime

Morning Droogs

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One of those things that just feel great to say.

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Morning Party People!

Definitely full of CBA today. I had a 9am conference call. Surely that’s against the rules?

I can taste salty and spicy. And coffee. It’s passable

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