wednesday's child is full of cba

Two year old decided to leap off a bed last night and busted her wrist. Not much better this morning but she’s moving it and her fingers. As such Wednesday’s child is full of A&E…

Lucky boy.

Just got my monthly expenses back in cash, £6.46 from an Uber I took last week. Gonna go fucking nuts at lunch :money_mouth_face: #raveallnight #dontstoptilthemornin #oralb

Are you still tasteless? Feels like it’s been about 2 weeks? Mate

It’s been a week and 3 days :neutral_face: Will I ever taste again tunes?

spent an hour and a half opening clunky spreadsheets that reference other files I haven’t got access to, copying a bunch of details and closing them, only to close the spreadsheet I was copying them to without saving it. Chances of making the evening news: rising.

just fire into the hottest curries you can find

I’m putting hot sauce on everything japes, to see if I still feel. Everyone I know, goes away in the end.


Now that’s what I call A/B testing

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Need to stop hosting dinner parties m9

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Couldn’t taste a single thing in those fish tacos on Friday :neutral_face: Had a dinner party at my father-in-law’s on Saturday and kept telling him his food was dangerously under-seasoned. Everyone had a good laugh but I was crying inside.

Ah mate, I reckon that’s it for you. You buy one bad jumper and you’re forever tasteless. safety :wink:

I remember on a weekend away with er indoors, we ended up in some fancy beer wanker spots, I had to blow my nose before every sip. Only had about a 5 second window where I could taste. :fist:

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Starting a hot sauce business is such an elaborate way to get our addresses and hunt us all down


I found this out on Monday at home, a lovely coffee taste was coming through. Might start taking all of my meals in the bathroom now. I mean sure I could buy some tissues for the living room but that seems highly unrealistic.

Shame edit

Fuck it, getting some emergency toast

:nose: :no_entry_sign:

That was the joke cheggers, yes.

Only read half the post didnt I? Shuttup I’m hungover

This post reminds me of the johnny cash song ‘i hurt myself today’