Wednesdays evening

What you up to?
Night in front of the telly for me

hello evening man. i will probably eat some food, watch some masterchef and practice my sweep picking :metal:

Gonna attempt the gym even though my back is sore and I have a headache.
Then some food and the sofa

think i’m going to make a fish stew

Not sure if either we or Sean owe gene Simmons money everytime we :metal: :metal:

It all goes to the estate of Ronnie James Dio.


Gonna be honest not a fan of fish stew :confused:

Alright em_double you_tee?

Gonna make carbonara for dinner once the missus is back from Zumba. Might watch Psycho later on idk.

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think he dropped the lawsuit didn’t he? what a stupid, stupid man he is.


Thank the lord/devil

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Trying to clear out my room but got distracted playing my guitar. Really want to start a Gun Outfit style band now.

Meeting an ATD for a pint later so I need to get this done before that. Don’t want to fall asleep in a pile of clean laundry on my bed later on.

Twin Peaks episode 18 and ONE or maybe TWO beers.

never made it before but have a weird craving for it

Godspeed japes. You have a bunch of fish in your fridge or you shopping especially for the meal?

Friend is coming round later to pick up my old bike :bike: . Then bourbon beef and mash then Masterchef.

How is your new bike!?

MASSIVE TWIN PEAKS FINALE SPOILER: just joking i wouldn’t do that, would i

out to the shop in a bit

I’ve made moqueca a few times jay_and_the_monkeys, it’s very tasty.


that looks pretty decent. gonna have a look and see what fish i can find first.

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