Wednesday's thread is full of hump

Still pretty buzzing from last night’s last minute winner. No sleep til Brighton (and Hove Albion).

Got the flat to myself tonight so will probably play a bit of Rocket League with my sister and try and muster the energy to get out to the VeloPark.

How’s your Wednesday looking?

Had tickets for a Kitson work in progress show tonight but it starts at 10.30pm in Islington and I can’t be fucked, does anyone want them?

I’m eating a bacon bap so my morning is, so far, fantastic.

I’m going to a swish uni studio to help a mate record something but I went to bed at 5 and I won’t be any good.:joy:

Morning. La la land last night, 10 mile run tonight, not sure which I’ll enjoy more

Morning, Irons. Glad to hear your UTI cleared up.

Got that bit of work finished that was stressing me the fuck out, so that’s good. Still ridiculously busy, but less in the “jesus fuck this deadline” way.

House to myself tonight, so I’m going to get out of here at a reasonable time, have a quick dinner (Huel?), then do some hardcore Netrunner prep for a tournament this weekend in That London.



Can anyone enter?

Yeah. I’ll lend you a couple of decks if you like. You can be this one, she’s good:

(that faction is called “Anarch”. They just want to see the world burn. Thought you’d like it.)

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They need a dj as well?

Where’s the blue dots?


Maxx as in TK Maxx?

Yeah probably. I’ll be sure to include a

In a different game.

I am very much out to steal an agenda

That’s how you win, so that’s good. Eye of the etc.

Stop saying agenda.

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I miss the morning threads almost as much as I miss appropriate amounts of sleep.

That’s where she works for her

(sorry, I’m done. Stop feeding me easy setups.)


Morning Jeremys_Iron and etc. Pretty hungover but just had a Greggs bacon roll so on the way to recovery there. Getting a haircut today.

checks watch

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Right off now so I can get one

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