Wednesday's thread is full of hump



My manager emailed yesterday to say that it was OK if I wasn’t feeling 100% and wanted to stay off again today. I was planning to go back but you can’t ignore that kind of Get Out Of Jail Free Card.


Anyone use Outlook for email. Spam filters seemingly not been working for over a week. Not the first time this happened. Utter joke.


Morning JI and all,

Got another meeting with my boss to follow up about last weeks chat. Playing football after work. That’s about it.

Rocket League is top, top game by the way! I’m absolutely rubbish at it but it’s funny how deeply engrossed my friends get / are by a game that is essentially cars playing football…


Morning Jeremys_Iron and everyone :slight_smile: Hope you’re all having a nice morning thus far!

Sigh, I’ve been feeling really crap the last couple of days but I’ve just read that this is the ‘bluest’ week of the year… SO, I’ve made plans to go to the gym later on. I’m hoping all those little dolphins of happiness will work their magic. I like to imagine they’re like this -

Anyway, apart from that I’ve got the flat to myself tonight too. Though, I’ve been invited to birthday drinks… help me choose!! Should I go out or should I wallow in the flat on my lonesome? I blatantly should go out…


I am legit shite at it but my sister is very good, it’s a finely tuned combination.


If football involved players backflipping off walls while wearing a tiny sombrero, I might actually watch it.


Aye, but the standard of football in the Mexican leagues is pretty shit.


Still flat-hunting for Stockholm. Absolute minefield.

I saw Trainspotting at the cinema last night (the original not thenew one). It holds up so, so well. Brilliant film, and much funnier than I remember.


Got a tour this afternoon for two bridal magazine journalists from America - not sure they’ll really be into dingy backstreets and graffiti but that’s what they’re getting.

Uni later, then packing for a week in Glastonbury.




oh hi guys

hope you are all ok

my news of the day is that work has offered me some freelance work after i leave (I leave in middle of feb and go on hols for a bit, then they want me to come back a do a bit of work for them), I’m all like ‘yeah sounds good’ - they send me a proposal and they basically want me to freelance for them at the same amount as my salaried rate as an an employee!!!


i’ve sent them a fair but stern response :+1:


The lady at work I had previously mentioned on here drove me to despair yesterday. I was insanely stressed by the end of the day.
She asked me for help so I spent 10 mins explaining something. She didn’t like my answer apparently so asked someone else the same thing right in front of me. Part of the question to both of us was essentially reading someones mind who was just out for coffee. I had a huge go at her telling her how rude she is :neutral_face:. Thankfully she has no social skills and chose to bother me all fucking day so I didn’t get anything done.
I will have my headphones on all day today.


You should see if she’s posting in the Things you do to annoy people on purpose thread.


I am not sure she has it in her to do this on purpose. It’s her natural way of being unfortunately.


Yeah my friends do most of the legwork plus they have to spur me on too with encouraging guidance! I’m sure before long I’ll be banned from playing with them, for being too frustrating and NO TAKING IT SERIOUSLY ENOUGH, as was the way with FIFA.



Already put this on my fb but:

A man of about my age was sat opposite me on the tube. At Green Park, we both shifted our weight forwards to get up from our chairs while straightening up, at the exact same time. Resulting effect left us about a half inch away from brushing noses/lips. Without missing a beat he whispered ‘that was beautiful’ and I was so caught off guard I snort-laughed.


Anyone else getting this, it’s beginning to irk me


i might have over played my hand re how much i want to charge them - but hopefully we meet somewhere in the middle!


yep same issue. did you upgrade your chrome? because i did, and linked in nosedived too


nope. It’s happened on my home laptop, work laptop & phone at the same time too, so I don’t think it’s a chrome thing