Wednesday's thread is full of woe

Had a lot of good news yesterday which was usurped by one big horrible bad thing so pretty full to the brim with the ol’ woes today. Tell me nice things DiS, what ye up to?

I’m off to a trade show for accounting professionals


The op specifically asks for ‘nice things’ nebbie.


Hope you’re okay J_I! Much love from Cork!

Good things today:

  • TV made gluten free cookies and I brought some to work.
  • Got slow cooked lamb shanks and fancy couscous (that I made) for lunch.
  • In a few days we’ll repeal the 8th amendment.
  • I’m off on my holidays in four days!

Bad things:

  • I’m sicker than I was yesterday.
  • Still haven’t been paid for my freelance jobs. :cry::cry::cry:

Morning J_I, that sounds shitty, hope things get better soon man. Nice things, hmm, my dad is coming down later to take us for a mid-packing lunch so that’ll be nice and the cat is basking in the sunshine right now

About to start cleaning the bathroom though, that’s not so nice.


Sorry about the bad news j_i, hope everything is ok, if not now then soon x

My good news is that R’s birthday party is back on, after thinking there was no day it could be my mum managed to switch one of her days off :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is my day off, but I fully expect R to be coming home early again. Could really use the rest.


Thanks all, and for all the love last night. I’ll stop griping, it’s not very becoming.

Ah, Dreadnesday. Morning all. Eating the last of my granola so my breakfast is about 70% granola dust. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

What time should we all arrive? :tada::tada::tada:


TWO days out the office
Starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:00 :100:

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What a lovely cat!

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Morning all,

Sorry to hear about your bad news J_I. Hope things improve soon.

I’ve somehow managed to botch my aeropress coffee this morning. This has never happened before. Coffee grains everywhere. I’m still gonna drink it though because I can’t be arsed to do another.

That’s all I’ve got. Sorry for the lack of nice things. Hope you’re all well.


Good Things

  • Holiday tomorrow!
  • WFH today to pack and sort shit out
  • I’m still in bed
  • PT later

Bad Things

  • The house is a fucking tip because we’ve washed all the clothes and theres bathroom stuff everywhere
  • I have to go to ScrewFix at lunch to get some lights and I CBA
  • I bought a cycling backpack for my bf that’s miles too big and I don’t have time to get him anything else for his birthday on the day we fly back from holiday. Ah fuck.
  • I bought some new muesli and its TOO HARD it hurts my teeth



Good things
new comic day
off tomorrow

Bad things
back-to-back meetings from now until 1pm
spending the evening painting walls and putting down woodworm treatment

What a rollercoaster day in the Meowington house! Buy him something sneakily while you’re away?

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Sorry to hear that ma man, hope you alright.
I’m down in London this weekend, I’m gonna walk past Deenys and not order anything in your honour! :grinning::wink::wink:

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:grinning: you really know how to irk a man, man.

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If i’m honest, he’s a total pain in the arse to buy for. The last 2 birthdays/xmas, i’ve got him a great present…only for 2 days before his birthday he turns around and goes LOOK WHAT I GOT MYSELF TODAY and it’s the main pressie.
I ask him to tell me things he’d want and he never does. He’s buying a new golf laser range thing today WHICH I COULD HAVE GOT HIM but noooo i’ll just play the weird guessing game of gifts.

Going to Morito tonight, the little sister of your favourite restaurant.

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