Wednesday's thread is full of woe


This is a good start orchard, nice one :+1:


I’m feeling largely better today! Rashes are still bad but my throat is recovering and I should be back at work tomorrow.

Guess I need to do some tidying today.


Yes. The Hackney Road one you can book in advance, unlike the Morito on Exmouth Market.


Please update us on your order in the evening thread.


Is it a penicillin rash? An antihistamine should clear that up if it’s bothering you.


My depression is bad.

This, however, was a good little high.


Good things

  • shrug
  • oh, primavera next week

Bad things

  • letting agents from previous house that we moved out of over two weeks ago haven’t returned our deposit, nor have they really said anything about anything. they’re just ignoring us. @epimer ignore any positive thing i ever said about Redmayne, Arnold & Harris - they are a shit bunch of cunts
  • haemorrhaging cash right now


Sorry to hear you’re down man. Hope the black cloud shifts soon. Gonna have a listen to this shortly, see what Twoism have been up to.


I’m going to Woking for a meeting later on. Is that the kind of thing?


There’s a police sniffer dog in the door wtf


This is intriguing, I haven’t properly checked Twoism in a while (used to be a regular poster, and was featured on one of their compilations [… going to Bandcamp to check the year now…] … EIGHT YEARS AGO!?)


And will there be party bags @Flashinglight?


well at this rate, all he’s getting is some factor 50 UVA arm sleeves :laughing:


Ooh is that a thing?? Then yes, that’s probably it!! Wonder if my corner shop sells antihistamines.


POLICE SNIFFER DOG WRANGLER: Are you carrying marijuana, sir? The dog seems to be leaping and bounding up at yr pocket.

ACCOUNTANT: Come on, I’m an accountant! Obviously this is Sage


ACCOUNTANT 2: This is a quite good accountancy joke

POLICE SNIFFER DOG: it’s a living


It’s a common side effect, yes.


Sage Line 50 m9

The jokes keep coming


a very good thing:

i’m seeing motherfuckin’ why? in september. oh god :hearts::hearts::hearts:


I had a doctors appointment at 8:30, and someone else had the same name as me with an appointment at the same time, but with a different doctor.


Japanese Breakfast tomorrow! The only issue with this is that I’ll be getting up before 7 in the morning to get the train to Birmingham, and then getting home around midnight. Hence I’m mainly lazing around at home (forward-slash doing dissertation / coursework stuff while listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack) today.