Wednesday's thread is full of woe

Plans? Weather? Food?

Just introduced Jnr to her new favourite song.


Morning Scout. Day off today so obviously I’ve been awake since 6. Weather isn’t bad. Got a fair few things to do around the house and a shopping delivery but that’s about it. I’m going to make garlic and chilli roast chicken later i think. Today is not a good MH day.


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Shouldn’t be reading Brexit news at 7am. Terrible idea.

Probs gonna go see The Sisters Brothers, there’s a 4:50 screening and the cinema is right by the office.

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Trying to find out what the hell this admin post on one of my Facebook groups is about and failing.



Got obsessed with that song when I heard it on season 3 of Fargo, such a banger!

Got work dread, need to get up in a mo. Also been accidentally listening to Brexit stuff too, urgh. I’m off this afternoon but going to hospital so… Not fun.

“I love the idea of an orange on the moon.”

Amazes me that some people can get out of bed, drag a comb across their head and their hair’s fine.


Love that song.

I have nothing interesting going on today, I just wanted to say hello. Hello!


I’ve still never seen Fargo :hushed:

Deleting this so I can talk again

@mods, you know what to do

took me far too long to realise that wasn’t in english

dude can move

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The gym has rescheduled my morning class earlier to 6:15, feel like I’ve been up for ages and already knackered :grimacing: Been letting various things get on top of me recently but it’s a sunny day in Glasgow and I have a pie for lunch so gonna try to channel some positivity this morning… :dizzy:


It’s how American songs sound to Italians. All complete gibberish.