Wednesday's Thread

I’m awake and currently contemplating a run because it is not raining currently. How about you?


Good morning shiny :blush:

I’m currently thinking about how hilarious skunks are. Just properly funny when you sit and think about it.


I am also awake.

It’s very grey outside which is not good.

Going for a walk as kids rejected Cheddar Gorge lastnight in favour of woods, still going just not today. 🤷

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Currently stiff supervising my daughter’s breakfast. Gonna walk over to the garage to collect my car and pay out another small fortune on something I don’t understand. Yay. Got the afternoon to myself, so might walk along a river or something.

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Hi. Still exhausted but at least no work today. Got some things to post but that’s about it.

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A beautiful day to be doing some tour guiding by foot on dirt roads and muddy paths

And by «some» I mean a full day’s worth

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Did they find out that it isn’t actually made of cheese and get disillusioned with the idea?

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Brain didn’t let me get a lay in despite no tiny human alarm clock.

Not sure when R is going to get back exactly so not sure how the day will be. Going to breakfast and shower at a leisurely pace and then maybe go collect his library reservations though at least.

Same. Woke up about quarter to 7 thinking that the wee man would be wanting up soon and then remembered he’s at his gran’s and then couldn’t get back to sleep anyway.


Think I might buy this yknow



Back still hurting me but I’m a bit more mobile.

Got to write a really short script today but get absolutely loads across in the 90 seconds we have. No doubt it’ll take me ages as feeling pretty out of practice.

Calls all afternoon then a zoom this evening after M’s bedtime, so looking like a 13 hour work day again :sleeping:

Good morning!

I, too, am contemplating a run this morning. Hopefully it won’t be too hot by the time I get out. With any luck, the films I shot down in Cornwall will be ready to pick up too.

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They just remembered it is a very long walk and apparently there is a new character on Valerant which takes priority :person_shrugging::smile:

We will go tomorrow maybe!!


haooy birtday @fappable
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I brought in brownie for everyone but it was too early in the morning, so nobody took any

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hope they sack ellen and replace her with wanda sykes

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Never too early.


Happy birthday @fappable! :balloon: :birthday:

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Absolute cake amateurs