That’s right, you li’l busters, it’s the evening of the day. What’s on with you?

Me? I was gonna be eating some sort of roasted chickpeas and salmon dish with like buttermilk and mayo and chive something or other, but no, tonight is once again for eating pizza.

Tell me things, please. Many thanks.


Evening Avers et al!

I finished reading a book, my writing project and listened to most of the ML playlist.

Wor Lass made some fried dumplings with katsu sauce and they were good.

I’m playing football in an hour.

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Home Alone Christmas Queue For You GIF


Seriously, so much chinookery, atm.


Such a bounty, i can almost smell it.


Should last me for tomorrow too… should :yum:

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Feeling very tired, think it’s probably covid related

Thanks for listening to my TED talk

Evening babes x

Need to tidy up tonight :pleading_face: CBA with dinner.

Started writing something i think is ok earlier so might spend the night making it worse

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Do you ever think “why do i know what scyths are?”

Do you mean that thing I used to swing round the garden as a kid?

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Sweating my tits off in le gym

There’s boob sweat

In other news I will be going Co op after.

What shall I have for tea?


Fajitas for dinner, friend is coming over to eat, and to drop off … the cat we’re looking after for July!


Looks like I be getting a Chinese ready meal :joy::yum:

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Leftover lasagna for dinner

I was planning to go to the off licence up this hill who do takeaway keg pours, but it turns out the close at 8, so there won’t be time to go after Jimbo’s bedtime.

So no plans then. A bit of telly maybe?

Evening folks

Had misery tortellini and garlic bread for tea.

Choc ice for pudding.

Just counting down the minutes til bedtime now really


Kiddo has been ill all day, gone to bed with a temp of 40.1°c. poor love. To compound things, we found another nit infestation, so that’s great. May have to cut her hair soon as it’s so so thick and hard to weed them out.

Making tomato and mascarpone tagliatelle (@GentleGiant was the inspo for that) and have a bottle of nice Gavi to have as I’ve not had a drink for a while.

Back to work tomorrow, found out we have a big visit from a bigwig on Friday, so that’s an easy way to start the week off.

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Bbq jackfruit pizza for me.
Read my whale book

Might walk down the supermarket for something to do. Maybe have a Golden Best en route

Tired Cat GIF


Managed to wolf down half of this and am now a barrel of burps.


Really want a chinese now