What the hell are you doing?

Snap poll! What should I see at the cinema later

  • Spiderman 6
  • The Beguiled

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Oh no I just posted in the day thread

Do one of those special post linky things I don’t know how to do

Just been told I need to make up 45 minutes so I’m doing it now. No biggy, should miss the worst of the traffic.

When I get home I’ll go for a run, eat food, do some arranging, workout, bed.




I’m going to see Daniel Kitson. I can’t really be fucked though, just want to go home tbh.

Where’s he on?

If it makes you feel any better I’m going to the cinema alone

The fucking Roundhouse.

That does make me feel better.

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Yeah sack it off m2

it doesn’t start until 9pm either

christ I am old

That’s entirely too late and too far away.

It is a highly advanced technique, known only to a handful of people who have sworn a sacred blood oath to @sean

Don’t go see him, he slagged me off for ages because he put me on the spot and I panicked and froze. It was rubbish.



(sorry, that’s his whole kind of vibe, isn’t it)

There you go @plasticniki, got your evening back.

Haha, yeah, it probably is… I haven’t seen him since. To be fair, I should NOT have sat in the front row… but there was no where else to go and it was my first comedy show! :blush:

Jesus. Had posters of this guy on my jotters when I was at school. He probably thought he was a dead man. :open_mouth:

Inappropriate. Too hot.

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