Sounded pretty top until the last bit.

What’s the website DB?

I also posted in the day thread! Here’s what I’m up to!

That meal sounds delicious. Can I get a pic m0?

Waiting for my delayed flight home from Amsterdam. Feel exhausted from meetings and overindulged from (amazing) dinners and unhealthy lunch and snack spreads. I’ve somehow managed to have three michelin starred dinners in 4 days without paying for any of them. Not sure I’m ever going to top that run tbh.

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Guys can more people vote for spiderman please

Unfortunately no eltham m9, I have a rule whereby I never photograph my food. You can picture it in your mind’s eye though!

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I have aphantasia!

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Oh shit this is awkward.

Whoa glanced at this earlier, didn’t realise it was Joe Wicks. Think that schizophrenia storyline was the first time I became aware of mental health issues. Good old Eastenders

you seem really friendly!

Spiderman will be bad because iron man’s in it

pub quiz tonight, gonna lose so badly!

Went for that swim, mates. And it was glorious.

Gonna finish a bit more work, then have a beer, then cook dinner and have some more beers. Gonna sit outside for as long as it’s comfortable, then go inside and resume my re-watching of GoT s06 with the cats. Then go to sleep with the cats.

Tomorrow one of my ATDs that I rarely see these days is stopping by for a visit, and then on Friday another ATD which I see almost never is coming to stay for the weekend! And my catsitting got extended by two full days, so I’m here until next Weds :heart:


Just the one?

Definitely appropriate :+1:

You’ve made a right pig’s ear of your face there.

Who’s this

hi all.

Does anyone here know how to subscribe to the new Sky Sports channels?? Specifically the golf one.