Alright? Had a long hot day at work and my wife is poorly so this is happening:

Might have a beer.

The fuck are you up to?


Evening Ivor et al!

I had a non-teaching day so got a haircut this morning and spent the after sending passive-aggressive emails and telling people I didn’t care how big their classroom was, I didn’t want to work in it (not a euphemism).

Tuna and asparagus pasta for tea (didn’t make enough).

Football in a bit.


I’m still in Wales

About to drive younger daughter to the station as she’s off to Creamfields

Elder daughter and I will prob watch a film later, I’m quite tired

The zoo we went to today was INCREDIBLE! Easily the best zoo I’ve ever been to.

We saw grizzly bears play fighting in the water and it was amazing. Also watched an awesome bird display/demonstration where loads of cool exotic birds were flying overhead. Then watched a sea lion display that was also great.

It was also really clear to see that the animal welfare came first. Lots of space for enclosures and plenty of hiding places for the animals to get away from people/noise.

€25 and that includes as many of the talks/displays you want to go to. Really can’t recommend it enough; if you’re ever near Le Mans it’s worth a visit.


guess what I bought from the coop?

Pizza and cider.

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yeeeeehhheeeeaaah boy!



What cider?

Ice cream.

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woaaah, that’s right!

but what crisps??

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Sensations sweet chilli.

oh man you were so close to the full jackpot!

it was salt & vinegar pringles

Put some donner on the garlic bread


Hey up. Stroganoff for tea then sitting about I guess.

Roasting some courgettes on the side.

Had a lovely day, good walk with the kids and Lidl picnic in the sunshine :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


I just did, and it was glorious.