Alright? Had a pretty long old day selling beer and now I’m tired. Got southern fried chicken, wedges, beans & onion rings for tea which I’m very happy about. Might watch some shit TV and just lounge around till bedtime, hows about you?

could go for an onion ring

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True Detective Time GIF

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Got so much work to do tonight but got a zoom with the tv. Thought I could work extra hard tomorrow as I’m off but remembered I booked myself a lunchtime cinema trip to see Petite Maman as a treat. Don’t really want to miss it after having paid for it already but not sure how else I’ll hit the deadline. Hmmm.

Just went into the garden to give the poor wee fox a goodbye pat on the belly and put some leaves on him in place of flowers. Stupid fucking cars :pensive:

Having chicken soup and garlic bread with mozzarella.

Just wrote a big rant then deleted it. It just felt good to write it down, thanks DiS.

Got a chicken roasting in the oven and doing some dishes. Then bike, then eat chicken, then watch tv then sleep.


So tired. Currently trapped by a sleeping baby. Need food and drink. Heeellllp

Evening all. Had to deal with an old-fashioned face-to-face disagreement in the office today - waiting for someone to come back in from walking out of a meeting, sit them down etc etc.

On the positive side - I spoke to my mate who’d inadvertently upset me and sorted that all out and he was really nice about it so I’m glad I spoke to him.

Right now I’m on the way back from work, sat on a train. Forgot my earphones so am trying not to listen in to someone’s conversation. When I get home, I’ll drop the eldest at Guides, then home for pie and wedges.



I remembered another reason why I hate going to the office just now. I came back from work and there were no parking spaces on our road. I ended up parking a couple of streets away. Annoying.

No plans for tonight. Food, obviously, but who knows when / what.

Have been an absolute moody baggage all day long and work exploded and stressed me out so now I’m solo drinking (which I never do) gin in front of Selling Sunset and sulking.

Im only making my own evening worse but unfortunately this is who I am now! The Sulker has logged on!!


Evening, going straight to football from work so just eating my tea at work. Leftover stir fry veg, very tasty but not quite enough so may get some chocolate en route.

Been in the office today so got a fair amount done

I love the use of the word “baggage” to describe your mood. Hope it improves though :blush:



I am going to have a bath because I am so cold.

My HelloFresh delivery arrived today so I might make something from that but I also have leftover chicken to eat.

Going to watch tv under my heated throw and do a bit of work.

Ooh you’ve reminded of that there’s new selling sunset!!!


Footballs on so will be taking myself to bed early to watch selling sunset clearly

trying to cheer meself up with beer. Not going to work is it?!


Had a long day of doing fuck all.

Made honey chilli pork for tea

Going to eat some ice cream and maybe watch some football


Watching the 3rd Xmas film of the day or something.
Have had a headache for 3 days which is irksome.
Had tortellini for dinner. Remember when everyone pretended that they liked tortellini in the 2010s before realising it’s kind of gross?
Tonight I will watch football thanks

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Mimi is currently enjoying ours


Evening everyone. I’m in Liverpool, in my favourite bar, having excellent beers before watching the football, to be followed by excellent beers. (Then I’ve got to spend three hours on a coach home but there’s always some sand in the Vaseline of life.)