Alright? Had a slightly better day today MH wise and got pork belly chilli cooking for dinner so that’ll be nice. Gonna drink some coca cola and watch CBS Reality until bedtime.


Settling in to watch a 6 o’clock work webinar, as you do.




that pasta really sucked

Did a literal rain check on tonight’s pub quiz. Fine with it tbh, will do some productive home stuff for the next hour then enjoy melding into the sofa for food beer and new YeDoc

Out having a pre dinner beer wanker beer. Then going for dinner. Then probably having a post dinner drink. Maybe.

IKEA was a bust, had a good slice of apple cake in a local cafe. That’s about it really.



Got a pork loin in the slow cooker with a honey, chilli, garlic and ginger marinade.

Might also drink a coca cola later whilst finding some television programmes to watch.


Day off. Digging holes!
Had about 3 hours sleep so gonna do the sensible thing and….stay up until 2am watching shit telly and paying video games.


Goin to the shop (Morrisons). Anyone want owt?

Salt & vinegar Pringles
Chicken satay sticks, gala pie slice and some samosas from the deli section
6 custard doughnuts
4 pack of Faith (330ml cans)


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Working tomorrow in the office, another successful thursday not workng i see! Which means tonight I’ve got to tidy up so tomorrow’s babysitter doesn’t think I’m a pig, and also wash my hair… Not sure when this workout I’m planning on doing today is happening either :see_no_evil:

But now i’m going for momos :drooling_face:


Went to go swim at lunch and got called back as i barrelled through the barriers as my card had failed. It failed twice more because I forgot I spent all my current account cash and I don’t get paid til Friday

  • You can never go back, everyone thinks you were trying to steal a swim
  • No one will remember but you can still never return to the scene of your shame

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Got a £200 tax refund today. Have also lost a stone somehow. Maybe I should get a Local Indian instead of having Huel after all.


I’d be looking into fake moustaches and waterproof glue if I was you.


you already said this in the daily thread, that’s a binding contract

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day 2 of leftovers for dinner (diff meals) - this planning ahead thing is alright eh?

just ordered some fun hot sauces (cupboard is already full of them as it is), doing some holiday research, feeling a bit less stressed which is nice!

Was feeling very anxiety and not-right-inside so curled up on the sofa. Cat just jumped on me and began aggressively purring and kneading. Beginning to feel better.


They know every time you need them for stuff like that, it’s really weird.


Evening all!

I cleared almost all of my marking by 12.00 today and celebrated by walking to M&S in the heavy drizzle to get a nice wrap for lunch.

I played Prey all afternoon and now we’re watching Inside Out as The Child eats dessert. And now she’s decided she’s ready for bed.

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I watched a tv show last night with that horrendous Giles coren (:face_vomiting:) but it was at the Landsborough hotel and they have a resident cat called Lilibet and now my life goal is to stay at the Landsborough and request Lilibet for the evening to snuggle