How are your tricks?

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Spending all of it on a train. Have a big cookie tho.

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Bought a teapot, probably gonna need a 2nd even bigger teapot

Evening! Had a very nice lazy day here. Just taken the spicy pork out of the slow cooker and put it in the oven to crisp up, looks bleddy lovely, can’t wait. Probably watch some shit TV and have a Guinness or two I reckon, sunny as fuck here now, might sit in the garden for a bit.

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Shit Lamacq is still on and can’t be bothered getting up to switch the radio off.

Eating. Gyming. Sleeping.

Work Lass has gone out with her friend so I’m watching Peppa Pig with The Child.

Pretty good tricks Keith.

Been on a music course all day, made some ok dinner and got Easter stuff at school next two days so no work to do tonight.

Plus got some mini eggs for later.


Leftover dhal

Cycling highlights




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isn’t it typically said ‘wor lass’ by lads from ‘the toon’.

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On a train. Fucking hate doing London and back in a day. Might get meself a Chinese takeaway for my dinner and watch some football

Wouldn’t want her to find about his colleague


howay the work lasses


Chai, write, chai, write, die of exhaustion at 5am.

Clean sheets though, and almost a tidy flat if I overlook several problematic corners. Might even do a night shower so I’m as clean as the bed I can’t sleep in.

remember going through a chai latte phase when I was writing my dissertation. haven’t gone near it since.

Straighten Up And Chai Write


My tricks are good thank you Keith. How are yours?
Evening all

Making a bolognese, drinking beer, listening to Arcade Fire. I’m feeling really, really happy :blush::blush: (despite big serious things going on)
Haha, oh, and I spent about 10 mins earlier making my packed lunch for work tomorrow until I realised I’m not actually at work tomorrow :man_shrugging:


My life is a chai latte phase. I have a whole shelf dedicated to oatly barista


Evening chums,

Leftover curry for dinner. Popped into Lidl on the way home for brocolli and milk. We got grapes, apples, 3 limes, medium oranges, easy peelers, bananas, resisted a bag of mint aero balls, moved on to milk, 2 cans of orange IPA, 2 bottles of Frizzante and 2 bottles of Vinho Verde. Forgot the darn broccoli. Extreme close up as the guy who dished up slopped sauce all over the shop.

I really fancy something sweet now :disappointed:

Going to call my step-nan then doing some reading and then watching some Veronica Mars or S1 of Line of Duty (we’re really behind, obviously).

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