Bedtime routine has gone to pot for us too. I feel your pain/claustrophobia.

Sorry you’re feeling down. Can you get out for a walk once he’s properly asleep?

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Was gonna run home but brought all of my running gear except for my trainers. Nice one, dumbo. Not sure what’s for tea. Got my guitar back from its MOT so will probably have a widdle tonight, got a couple podcasts to catch up on as well. Eventful evening in the ericV household.

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Was in work late because everyone else had left and there was someone in to diagnose the coffee machine. In a shocking twist, turns out the coffee machine that’s directly connected to the water with no filter and which never gets descaled was fully clogged with limescale due to this ridiculous country’s idiot water.

Had my dinner and I’ve got 1000 calories left on my budget today, so I might wait until the rain stops then go fucking nuts in the bakery aisle of Co-op.

I need to shim the neck of my new Jazzmaster. cba.

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Bedtime/sleep disruption might actually be the most stressful break from routine with toddlers, drives me nuts when it isn’t normal, and along with wanting me in the room recently we’ve also had early waking and end of regular naptime. Too much change at once.

Feel so unworthy of him right now, started crying just now because he got my attention to hand me one of his soft toys to give to me to cuddle. I don’t deserve that sweetness when I was screaming at him an hour ago :cry:

I don’t think I would trust myself going for a walk. When I can have some light I will just try read for the rest of the evening I think.

I hope the writing goes well tonight, it awes me how many different things you manage to do.

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Did you see this?

Well I hope you can disappear into a good book that takes you out of your slump. If not I’m here all night :hugs:

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Good evening. Scunnering weather we’re having.

Papa John’s refused to deliver 200 miles so tonight I had a meal from the Inspired By Len Signature Collection :yum: (also a melted crene egg ice cream)I am listening to the radio the now.

Accidentally called Tiny Lamb a cat so now I have three cats i guess

Ahh, brilliant , now I’m thinking of theo showering :scream:


You’re not unworthy! Being a parent is HARD! Take it from an aunty who feels worn out after spending just a couple of hours with my nephews/niece :thinking::wink::wink::kissing_heart:
You’re doing great. Sounds like you’re raising a sweet hearted little guy x


Good morning @1101010

what time is it

Thanks gnomey :slight_smile:

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I like this weather and it getting dark wicked slowly but without yet being mad summery. I used to be a proper edgy “winter is the bed cause it gets dark early” kid, but I really welcome being able to see daylight given how long it’s been that I’d be leaving for work in the dark and coming back in the dark.

Listening to Deerhoof. Looking forward to my Friday day off, got some writing I’m meant to do that I hope won’t be godawful

No idea what that means but good luck to you

you get a bit of thick cardboard, e.g. a sturdy business card, and jam it right up the bum

Sorry you’re feeling down, fl. You’re doing a great job of parenting R I’m absolutely sure. The fact that he offered you his cuddly toy is very telling, no?
Can I offer a book recommendation for you? I think you’d like it and hopefully your library will have it.
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Fair warning, it’s a little bit sad in places but totally absorbing and positive in so many other ways. A really excellent book which I’m sure people will appreciate more and more as time goes on.


I haven’t read the full context of the posts before yet, but this is one of the most adorable sentences I’ve read all day


Deerhoof once assaulted my ears so badly I had to leave a venue because I thought I was going to be sick.

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It was Last Night!

Is the hat tiny for anTiny Lamb or one that is normal sized for a Tiny Lamb but it’s tiny anyway because it’s designed for a Tiny Lamb. Thanks in advance

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Ps. This isn’t meant as an insult to your music taste. Just a fun fact about me :kissing_heart:

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