What yup tae?

I’m quite tired.

Evening Eric.

I’m having a prawn and avocado salad then I’m going to watch a mixture of the Liverpool game / Masterchef.

Had my flat valued by an estate agent this afternoon and they’ve booked in viewings for tomorrow already :open_mouth:

Despite you making a poll you’re clearly going to have burritos regardless, aren’t you?

Had some carrot soup with garlic bread on the side, would eat again.

Pretty tired but need to do some more proofreading on my friend’s thesis.

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Tbh the tv is probably going to come home soon and suggest something totally different. It’s anyone’s game at this stage.

Alright lad?

Just turned my roux into a velouté (@Lo-Pan), gotta fry the sea bass, take the kale and sweetcorn fritters out of the oven and whack the samphire into some oil.

Will be watching Masterchef but will have one eye on the laptop for the Spurs game.

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As its Wednesday I’m at work until 8:30.

I just dropped a parcel at the newsgents to return a TV box to Virgin Media as I’m leaving them. I ended up buying a big bar of Peanut Butter Dairy Milk. I must not demolish this tonight, so I’ve stuck it in my draw out of sight.

What’s up guys. Literally just walked in the door. Heavy showers abound in and around Winchester. Might have a nap. Dinner is leftover veggie from Monday (it was pretty decent do looking forward to that) and a couple of pints of squash. TV is probably Masterchef, but maybe not, who knows.

Sounds like masterchef is already on in your kitchen mate!!!


Evening all. I’m relaxing at home and about to watch an episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’. After that I’ll send emails out to try and get our new album played on Irish radio. Here it is:

Might get a Chinese takeaway. Not sure yet.

I have never watched an episode of Masterchef and will not start now.

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Is that Dairy Milk any good?

Last evening in Iceland :frowning: :iceland: Gonna go for dinner, go to the hotel and pack, then sneak out to try and see the Northern Lights. Getting up at 4am tomorrow for a 5am pick-up and 7am flight :tired_face: Can’t wait to see my gerbil though, I have missed his perfect furry face so much :slight_smile:

Not sure what to do with my life when I get back though.


Yes, it’s very nice. That’s why I’ve hidden it at the back of my draw.

I’m definitely planning a nap after a day spent out in those showers.

Hmm. Have to go to the shop before the football anyway, might check if they have any.

Just going to slap Bojack on and drift off for a bit

Hey Eric IV

We’ve got chilli for tea. I was on school run duties* so still technically WFH but am going to log out in a few minutes. Got some friends coming over for a bit later.

*we managed to catch the heaviest downpour of the day so the house is littered with drying coats, shoes and schoolbags. I put the heating on advance because those coats, shoes and bags are not going to dry themselves.

Got a bit of a dull dinner going on, boiled potatoes, quorn grill and veg. Still got chocolates for later as it’s me and Mr S 20th meeting anniversary :heart_eyes:

Liverpool on telly. Have to wait for Friday for a Masterchef/bake off double whammy catch-up


Same, except switch ‘Gilmore Girls’ for that.

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That’s a nice anniversary to have! Congratulations!

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Thanks! Get to go out for dinner on Friday as well. Milking this for all its worth!