John “The Tickler” Tickle, I think…




Thought you were a massive Big Brother fan? (He was in Big Brother)


Can’t get enough of it, me.



:smiley: ah you got it working?! amazing


Yeah, finally! Knackered iPhone and Mac come through for me and you finally! You are officially my new commute soundtrack :+1:


ah well I feel honoured. Hope it didn’t put you out too much. Don’t feel obligated it’s all good my friend!


Mate I’ve been trying to make that bloody thing to work for ages. It takes me a while but I do get there in the end…loved the last stuff of yours that I listened to really looking forward to running through these.


ah that’s a special treat for me too, it’s always great to imagine someone enjoying listening to your stuff. Don’t care what anyone says that’s one of the most rewarding things about making music


Too right! You’ll be accompanying some surprisingly lovely Essex countryside FYI, which is really lovely at this time of year (magic hour commutes are awesome.)


ah well “keep knocking” should suit that well then as it all hinges on the nylon string guitar


Yeah I saw you were utilising that in the guitar thread. I haven’t played one for aaaages but it does help you emphasise ‘feel’ when you’re playing I think


never owned one before so it was really fun to see what I could do on it. Found I was much more imaginative with my guitar playing. Don’t feel like ever going back to my acoustic


Oh fuck, we used to practice in there! I still drink there now, it’s called El Fenix these days!


Oh good, another night I have trouble sleeping because I’m stressing about money. :neutral_face:


Yes, I use it partly as a way to switch off from everything else. You’re focused on the route and incredibly aware of your body because everything needs to be balanced as you approach your physical limits. e.g. a little twist to your foot can change a move from being impossible to easy.

Obvs it’s not for everyone, but for me the feeling of movement, strength, and balance is just exquisite. And it looks so so cool!