Thanks! Get to go out for dinner on Friday as well. Milking this for all its worth!




sweet, will listen to this in the bath tonight :slight_smile:


anyone wanna be my friend? feeling a bit lonely like


That’s some good twattery right there :+1::grinning:


Lads, it was :100::fire::fire:


Looks fucking good ma man


Didnt think anyone ever actually ate samphire IRL :sweat_smile: don’t think i’ve ever seen it not on TV


I thought it was a type of wood ffs.


everyone seems to be really into it all of a sudden

I only ever forage for it obviously (I don’t)


Just had a Greek BBQ :ok_hand:
Went on a climbing excursion today which was ace. Beautiful location in the mountains.


been up since 5am this morning for work so tired man

so thrilled with what I made for dinner though. can smell the garlic off my own breathe :slight_smile:


Just picked up a ‘detroit style’ pizza from m&s. @rich-t , if it’s not to my liking, I’ll kill you.


I wish I could do cool stuff like that


Like fuck you will! which one?


The Philadelphia one. Any good?


this sounds so creepy but like… do you have to have a really really ripped body?


I’ve had it once. It’s alright. There’s loads of the stuff growing wild on the Norfolk coast. Never bothered foraging for it though.


Did you see japes in that thread saying that garlic was too much hassle? Ycmiu.


Best one I’ve had so far. Really enjoyed it tbh. They’re quite creamy and rich though.